University System of New Hampshire
Financial and Administrative Procedures

Table of Contents

Issued Date: 05/06/2014

    001. 07/01/2005 Policy Statement: Authority to Sign Contracts
    002. 07/01/2005 Contracting and Purchasing Delegations
    003. 09/04/2007 USNH Signature Authority Guidelines
    004. 05/01/2014 USNH Signature Authority Matrix
    005. 07/01/2005 What's a Contract?
    006. 07/01/2005 USNH Purchasing Contract Types
    007. 07/01/2005 USNH Non-Purchasing Contract Types
    008. 07/01/2005 USNH Contract Types and Signature Requirements
    009. 07/01/2005 Contract Review Checklist
    010. 07/01/2005 Contract Guidance and Boilerplate Clauses

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