University System of New Hampshire
Financial and Administrative Procedures


Procedure: 12-007
Issued By: USNH Senior Contract Officer
Issued Date: 07/01/2005
Revised Date: 07/01/2005

There are four types of non-purchasing contracts or agreements commonly used throughout USNH: no dollar; revenue; expense and financial services. Some forms of non-purchasing agreements require specific approvals before they can be executed in the name of a given institution or in USNH's name.

  1. No Dollar. These include student affiliations, internships and clinical agreements. The agreement is for a specific time period and for specific services/experiences that are to be provided for the student. It is advisable that a USNH-approved form be use for the agreement. Exceptions may be made if the host institution insists upon using its own form. If using a host institution form, the USNH Office of General Counsel should review the agreement prior to being signed. If a requirement of the agreement is that the student has professional liability insurance while at the host institution, the USNH Risk Manager must be informed so the proper insurance can be obtained.
  2. Revenue. Revenue agreements include grants and contracts, (a.k.a. sponsored agreements); sale of real property; leases or rentals for use of property or space by non-USNH entities; gifts (e.g., money; equipment; real property; life income and annuities; pledges and endowments), master teacher agreements and tuition grants (e.g., New England Tuition Compact). The campus purchasing and contract services offices are not usually involved in developing or reviewing sponsored agreements. These agreements are the purview of the Office of Sponsored Research at UNH, the Business Office at KSC and the Grants Accounting Office at PSU. The sale of real property and the acceptance of gifts have specific policy requirements that must be followed. (See BOT VI.C.3 and subsequent paragraphs for information about selling real estate; See BOT.VI.B.5 and VI.B.6 for information about the acceptance of gifts). Leases for the use of USNH property by a for-profit corporation (e.g., cell towers/antennas, etc.) must include a statement that USNH is exempt from paying property taxes and that any improvements to the property which are created by the lessee which might cause the local taxing authority to tax, are the responsibility of the lessee (See Contract Guidance and Boilerplate Clauses, section titled Other Clauses, Clause Title: Property Taxes).
  3. Expense. Expense agreements include multi-year vehicle leases, rental of classroom or office space by a USNH institution, the purchase of real property, human resource benefit programs for employees and specialized services (e.g., outside legal counsel). As with the sale of real property, the purchase of real estate has specific policy requirements that must be followed. (See: BOT.VI.B.3 for information about the purchase of real property). Specialized service expense agreements will require the approval of the appropriate office (e.g., USNH Office of General Counsel for hiring outside legal counsel) prior to completion of the agreement.
  4. Financial Services. Financial services agreements include such items as investments, auditing and accounting services from outside firms, banking services and insurance. All are highly specialized and are under the purview of the USNH Treasurer. The USNH Treasurer has delegated the responsibility for obtaining these services to certain staff within the USNH Treasurer's Office or the USNH Financial Services Department.

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