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Last updated: 12-Jan-2017
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Purchasing Methods

The following methods are available to initiate a purchase request or to pay for goods or services and are listed in order of the preferred method when applicable:
  1. PCard

    The PCard is generally used to pay for certain small dollar, high volume purchases.

  2. Direct Pay Invoice

    A direct pay invoice can be used to purchase and pay for certain limited goods and/or services without a purchase order. A check will be issued to the vendor. A direct pay invoice generally requires a vendor code. (See Direct Pay - No Vendor Code for exceptions).

  3. Requisition/Purchase Order (REQ/PO)

    The requisition is an internal document used to initiate a purchase request for goods or services and should be used when the above methods cannot be utilized. Purchasing will generate a PO from the REQ document, determine the type of PO (see below) and send to the vendor.

    • Standing - Purchase order that will have multiple orders and/or payments for goods/services or does not have a specific quantity or unit price. Typical examples include purchase orders for services, construction projects, business meals, and maintenance.
    • Regular - Purchase order for a one-time purchase and payment for line item goods that have a specific quantity and unit price. Typical examples include purchases of furniture, computers, and equipment.
    • Entering a Requisition - Module 4: Lesson 1
    • Canceling a Requisition - Module 4: Lesson 2

    The BSC can indicate the type of PO by specifying "Regular" or "Standing" in the comments field on the requisition.

Change Orders

A change order can be processed to modify an existing purchase order. Typical changes include increasing or decreasing the dollar amount, changing FOAPAL information and changing a vendor address.

Close, Open or Cancel a PO

To close a PO, the final payment indicator should be used on the final Banner Regular Invoice document. This will relieve any remaining encumbrance and change the PO status from open to closed. If this does not occur or it occurs in error, then Purchasing can close or open the PO as necessary. Purchasing can also cancel a PO if it was processed in error or should no longer be honored.

Other Purchasing Related Information:

Vendor Codes

A vendor code is used to identify a person or company in the Banner system. Purchasing is responsible for creating and maintaining the vendor file.

Ship to Codes

Banner ship-to codes are used on requisitions and purchase orders to indicate to the vendor where items should be shipped and who the responsible ordering department is. Purchasing creates and maintains these codes.

How do I find my 'ship to code'?

How do I setup a new 'ship to code' or update the address for an existing code? Other Miscellaneous

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