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Last updated: 10-Sept-2020

Procurement has developed this web page to assist you in your contacts with our office. It is in our mutual interest to strive to improve our business relations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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General Information

As a public institution, we follow regulations established by the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees. Purchases are made to support academic and research programs as well as activities such as physical plant, housing, and food service. Common purchases include, but are not limited to, scientific equipment, office furniture, chemicals, construction, machinery, office supplies, and services.

USNH requires competitive bids to keep costs at a minimum and to give interested suppliers an equal opportunity to supply goods and services to the University System. If you're interested in providing goods/service to USNH, check our web site often for a current listing of available bids/proposals. Also, check the USNH Contracts List for information regarding existing contracts.

Procurement Objectives

Procurement professionals must have a highly developed sense of professional ethics to protect their own and their institution's reputation for fair dealing. To strengthen ethical awareness, Procurement follows the NAEP code of ethics. Whenever possible we attempt to consolidate our requirements whether they be paper, copiers, or cleaning supplies. Whenever possible, we use volume procurement and annual contracts to cover these requirements. We solicit your recommendations for products to include in our consolidated procurement programs.

USNH has a Purchasing Card (PCARD) program. The USNH Pcard is actually a MasterCard Commercial Card which we use for high volume, low dollar purchases. Each BSC/department has the authority to identify, initiate and purchase certain goods using the card (within USNH procedures) for high volume, low dollar purchases.

BSC/Department Responsibilities

To provide for smooth and efficient processing of all requests, both the BSC/department and purchasing need to work together. Below is an outline of responsibilities of both parties. When each participant complies with these expectations, the purchasing process advances easily.

Procurement Responsibilities

General Guidelines for Vendors

UNH Inclement Weather Policy:

It is the University's policy to declare curtailed operations when the most severe weather conditions are expected or experienced. You may call the UNH Storm Hotline at 603/862-0000 to learn if the University is open or if curtailed operations are in effect. Any events scheduled for a day when curtailed operations have been declared may be postponed until the next business day at the same time as originally scheduled.

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