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Last updated: 09-Oct-2014
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About Our Staff

The Purchasing and Contract Services staff directory, quick reference list and commodity assignments are listed below. Our staff is available to assist with purchasing, contracting and surplus requirements, purchasing system support, and supplier sourcing and issues.

Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Denise M. Smith, C.P.M. Director of Purchasing & Contract Services 603/862-3396
Jackie Nyberg Purchasing Manager 603/862-2332
Maryann Puchlopek Purchasing Manager 603/862-3875
Deb Hudson Purchasing Agent 603/862-4296
Linda St.Cyr Purchasing Agent 603/862-3393
Pat Carr Purchasing Operations Assistant 603/862-2655
Karen Sayers Purchasing Operations Assistant 603/862-6187
Debbie O'Neil Purchasing Operations Assistant 603/862-0880


Quick Reference List

 Area Contact
Certificates of Insurance
Credit and Credit Applications
Energy Efficient Purchases
Independent Contractor Agreements
Purchase Order Processing (REQ/PO/BANNER)
Purchase Order-open/close/cancel
Ship to Code Maintenance
Surplus Property
Tax Exempt Status Information & Forms
Vendor Code Maintenance/W9 Info
Website Maintenance 
For All Other Questions

Or Call 603 862-6187


Commodity Assignments

Commodity Group Contact
This list represents our major commodity groups. If you do not find the commodity you are looking for, please email us for contact information.
Agricultural Supplies/Equipment
Deb Hudson
Athletic Supplies/ Equipment
Maryann Puchlopek
AudioVisual (See Technology)
Computer (See Technology)  
Construction Projects-Over $250,000
Diane Cotter
Construction Projects-Up to $250,000
Linda St.Cyr
Copiers & Printing Equipment Maryann Puchlopek
Electrical Supplies/Equipment Linda St.Cyr
Facilities Services (A&E, Maintenance, etc) Jackie Nyberg
Food/Beverage Products Jackie Nyberg
Fuel/Energy Products
Jackie Nyberg
Furnishings (Window/Wall/Floor)
Linda St.Cyr
Furniture Linda St.Cyr
Ground Transportation/ Charter Svs (i.e. School Bus, Motorcoach, Sedan) Jackie Nyberg
Healthcare Supplies/Equipment Linda St.Cyr
HVAC Supplies/Equipment
Linda St.Cyr
Janitorial Supplies/Equipment
Linda St.Cyr
Kitchen & Dining Supplies/Equipment
Deb Hudson
Laundry Equipment
Deb Hudson
Mailing Supplies/Equipment
Maryann Puchlopek
Medical Supplies/Equipment
Linda St.Cyr
Office Supplies Deb Hudson
Paper & Plastic Supplies
Deb Hudson
Plumbing Supplies/Equipment
Linda St.Cyr
Printing Services Deb Hudson
Professional Services/Independent Contractors Deb Hudson
Scientific & Research Supplies/Equipment
Linda St.Cyr
Technology (A/V, Computer Hardware/Software-excludes Copiers)
Maryann Puchlopek
Vehicle (New or Used) Deb Hudson
Vehicle Rental Services
Jackie Nyberg
Waste Disposal Services Jackie Nyberg

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