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Last updated: 01-10-2019
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Bid Limit:

Procurement must obtain competitive pricing for the purchase of goods or services $35,000 or over through a formal bid process, unless the purchase is covered by the following types of existing contracts: USNH, state, federal, or other cooperative contract or pricing agreement (NHCUC, GSA, E&I). Any solicitation issued by Procurement is not a commitment to issue an order.

Types of solicitations:

Initiating the bid process:

A BSC/department can initiate the bid process by communicating their needs to Procurement as follows:

Overview of the bid process:

Once the request is received by Procurement, the following process occurs:

In general, awards are made to the lowest cost, most responsive and responsible firm meeting the specifications and delivery requirements outlined in the request for bid or proposal. On the more complex purchases, evaluation factors such as past technical experience, years in business, customer references, and life cycle costing are considered, in addition to price.

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