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Bid Limit:

In accordance with USNH Policy Procedure: 6-001 purchases over $34,999 require a competitive bid process, unless the purchase is under $150,000 and utilizing competitively bid USNH contracts, contracts from an authorized agency such as the State of New Hampshire or a Group Purchasing Organization contract.

Types of solicitations:

RFB Request for Bid - Used when you know precisely what you need and have precise requirements and specifications      
RFI Request for Information - Used when you don't know exactly what you want, or don't know what is available in the marketplace      
RFP Request for Proposal - Used when you have a general idea with some specifications and/or it's a large, complex project with potential for multiple solutions      
RFQ Request for Qualifications - Not a bid. Used to request firms to submit qualifications to be considered for a project      
RFQ/P Request for Qualifications/Proposal - Used as a screening step to establish a shortlist of pre-qualified vendors to provide proposals for specific products or services      

Initiating the bid process:

A BSC/department can initiate the bid process by communicating their needs to Procurement by completing a Sourcing Initiation Form in Team Dynamix at the following link: Team Dynamix

Overview of the bid process:

Once the request is received in Team Dynamix, the following process occurs:

In general, awards are made to the lowest cost, most responsive and responsible firm meeting the specifications and delivery requirements outlined in the request for bid or proposal. On the more complex purchases, evaluation factors such as past technical experience, years in business, customer references, life cycle costing or other criteria are considered, in addition to price.