2015 Application Cycle - Reapplicant

You are considered a Reapplicant if you
a) interviewed with the UNH Committee, submitted your application, but were not admitted to medical or dental school, or
b) delayed your application after you had already interviewed with the UNH Committee.


Application ItemsDue DateNotes
2015 Reapplicant FormMay 15, 2014 
2015 Reapplicant QuestionsMay 15, 2014Submit as Word document
New/Updated Letters of Recommendation
     -Letter Request Form
May 15, 2014Request letters by March 2014
Standard ResumeMay 15, 2014Resume Resources
Health Professions Resume
May 15, 2014 


Reapplicants do not re-interview with the UNH committee.

In order for your composite letter to be updated, all materials must be received by May 15, 2014.

New/retake MCAT or DAT exams must be taken no later than June 2014.