Financing a Legal Education

Attending law school can be extremely expensive. Tuition at a private law school, plus living expenses and books, can run well over $60,000 per year. Only the wealthiest students can afford to pay this amount as they go through three years of law school. Most law students have to borrow substantial amounts to finance their law school education.

The average debt for graduating law students is on the order of $100,000; for students at many schools, it approaches $150,000. These figures do not include debt from undergraduate schools.

General Information on Financial Aid

Non-government Lenders

Loan Forgiveness Programs

Your Credit Rating

Public and private lenders will be checking your credit rating. If you have a lot of credit card debt, it could limit the amount that lenders are willing to give you. Before you apply for any loans, get a copy of your credit rating and review it carefully. Here are some companies that provide credit reports.

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