The Lotte Jacobi Collection

Lotte Jacobi at the University of New Hampshire

The Lotte Jacobi Archive is comprised of 47,000 negatives, several hundred study and exhibition prints, three portfolios, as well as letters, catalogues, documents, and other printed material. These materials are housed in Photographic Services and Special Collections, at the University of New Hampshire's Dimond Library.


Since 1981, The University of New Hampshire has held the copyright for the photographs and correspondence as outlined in a letter of agreement with Ms. Jacobi who died on May 6th, 1990, at the age of 93.


An outstanding figure in the history of photography, Lotte Jacobi was a woman of Prussian descent who photographed from 1908-1986. She is famous for her theater and dance images, portraits of prominent figures, and abstract light creations.


The Collection includes Ms. Jacobi's well known portraits of writers, photographers, artists, and political figures such as, Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, Robert Frost, Marc Chagall, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alfred Stieglitz, J.D. Salinger, Paul Robeson, May Sarton, Pauline Koner, Bernice Abbott and Edward Steichen.


Lotte Jacobi spent portions of her life in Berlin (1925-1935), New York City (1935-1955), and New Hampshire (1955-1990). As a result, she is able to provide us with a wealth of information through her photographs about pre-World-War II Germany, the cultural life in New York City, and the regional artist in New England.

A gallery of images and the images of Albert Einstein are provided for viewing purposes only. You may not copy or reproduce any of the images without written permission from The Lotte Jacobi Collection, University of New Hampshire.

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