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Scales of Personal Intelligence


  • Test of Personal Intelligence (TOPI 1.2)
  • Test of Personal Intelligence Mini-Marker-12 (TOPI-MINI-12)

Test of Personal Intelligence (TOPI 1.2)

The laboratory is presently developing the Test of Personal Intelligence ver 1.2 (TOPI 1.2). The TOPI scale is a first measure of personal intelligence -- where personal intelligence represents the ability to reason about personalities, both one's own and those of others.

The development of the TOPI across its versions 1.0 to 1.2 is described in a recent article in the Journal of Personality Assessment (Mayer, Panter & Caruso, 2012).That said, we are still developing the TOPI scale and hope to move into studying future versions soon. The Journal of Personality Assessment article represented a demonstration study that explored the possible existence of a personal intelligence. As we develop the overall TOPI scale, we are recommending the use of the TOPI-MINI-12 for those who are interested in research in the area (see below for information on the MINI-12). Alternatively, we now have availalble a TOPI 1.2 Rf version, which takes 45 min. and that we are researching in our laboratory and collaboratively with other labs.

Test of Personal Intelligence Mini Marker Scale-12 (TOPI MINI-12)

Update July-18-2013

To foster the study of personal intelligence the lab is now making available the TOPI MINI-12 for researchers at colleges, universities and similar settings. The MINI-12, a 12-item scale of personal intelligence, is appropriate for research as a general maker of levels of personal intelligence within and across groups. Research use of the test would include, for example, examining the relationships between personal intelligence and other psychological variables across people, or examining differences in average levels of personal intelligence across groups.

The manual for the TOPI-MINI-12 is now online and can be viewed or downloaded from here.

To request the TOPI MINI-12 itself please complete the questionnaire on this page. Thank you.

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