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The Personality Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire

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Overview of Selected Theoretical Work: personality as a scientific discipline the Systems Framework for personalitypersonal intelligence emotional intelligence ethical commentary on the personality of public figures

Psychological Measures and Procedures: scales of mood,• mood-congruent judgment,• empathy, • meta-experience of mood, • personal intelligence emotional intelligenceintellectual experience • and experimental procedures

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Note: Click here to find our new laboratory website (recommended for many purposes)

(or go to pages.unh.edu/jdmayer)

This site contains information about personality psychology in general, as well as about the Personality Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire.

Overview of Selected Theoretical Work

Links to information about personality can be found in the center-left part of navigation panel, above. In particular, the site offers an overview of "Personality as a scientific discipline," that emphasizes the field as a contemporary topic of study.

The lab's contemporary view of personality is guided by "The Systems Framework for personality" -- one of the cornerstones of theoretical work in the lab. The framework is both introduced and treated in some depth on the associated web page (center-left, above).

Another focus of research in the lab is on emotional and personal intelligences. The laboratory maintains an extensive web site on emotional intelligence. The new page on personal intelligence provides information about our latest work in the area. Personal intelligence is now a central focus of our empirical work.

You can click through to the new personal intelligence website here.

Psychological Measures and Procedures

As the name suggests, the section on psychological measures and procedures (center-right) describes the most commonly-requested measurement instruments and procedures developed in the lab, from measures of mood to measures of personal and emotional intelligence.

Other Resources

The section on "Links to documents, video, and websites," provides an admittedly haphazard but hopefully helpful compendium of other resources relevant to the discipline. A link to the UNH Psychology Department may also be found there.

About the Laboratory

The Personality Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire is a part of the Social-Personality Program of the Department of Psychology. The laboratory is supervised by Professor John Mayer, and lab members are listed as well (see navigation links to the left).

The work of the laboratory is focused on research in personality psychology. Some of the research is theoretical in nature, and other research is empirical.

Instructions for reprint requests for articles by lab members can be found in the "Laboratory publications" page (left).

This site is designed to help you access information regarding the topics of investigation in the laboratory, as well as to find out information about the laboratory itself. We hope you find the information helpful.

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