Selection Process and Membership Criteria

Election to the University of New Hampshire chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is an objective process based on criteria established in accordance with the requirements of the national honor society. At the beginning of the Spring Semester, we request from the Registrar’s Office transcripts for seniors and juniors from both Durham and Manchester campuses who have high GPA's. A computer program designed by one of our members calculates a PBK GPA based only on courses which are considered “liberal.” (The liberal arts and sciences include the natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities.)

In order to comply with national Phi Beta Kappa requirements that the number of seniors invited not exceed approximately 10% of seniors who are in liberal arts and sciences, we have raised our minimum GPA requirements. To be considered for the Spring 2014 election, seniors must have a basic UNH GPA of at least 3.65 and juniors a GPA of at least 3.85. The Selection Committee reserves the right to set the standard for liberal course PBK GPA levels higher than these minimums in order to comply with the national Phi Beta Kappa requirement.

The Election Committee, made up of 8-12 Phi Beta Kappa members, does the final review and selection based on the following criteria:

In April, invitation letters are sent to students and an informal meeting is scheduled to provide information and answer questions about Phi Beta Kappa and membership. The initiation ceremony is held in early May.