Parents Resource Guide: Student Rules

Student Code of Conduct
The UNH Judicial System is governed by three principles: community, fairness, and responsibility. Students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, which appears in Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities.

Violations are handled by the judicial system, which addresses incidents such as violating quiet hours with loud music and physical or verbal assaults. Most cases are resolved in an informal meeting between the student and the complainant. However, in cases where informal resolution is impossible, students have a formal hearing before a judicial board or officer. Sanctions range from verbal warnings to dismissal from the University.

Choices Matter
All parents and students are encouraged to view the Choices Matter video right on the Vice President for Student and Academic Services website homepage. Funded by the UNH Parents Association, this video highlights the consequences of violating alcohol and other drug-related rules and laws both on and off campus.

UNH Alcohol Rules and Regulations
The University of New Hampshire strives to provide every student with the opportunity to live and learn in an environment free of illicit drugs and alcohol. UNH Health Services educators and counselors conduct drug and alcohol outreach education workshops year round. Students with questions or concerns about their use, or someone else’s use, of alcohol or other drugs can drop by or call the Office of Health Education and Promotion to speak with a counselor.

Other organizations, such as Students Electing to Live Free (SELF) and Safe Rides, also provide ongoing outreach to promote alcohol and drug awareness and responsibility. Each week at UNH there are many social, cultural, and athletic opportunities that are alcohol free, giving students options for interaction and enjoyment in a safe, sober, drug-free environment.