UNH Parents Association 2007 Grant Awards

Spring 2007 Major Grant Awards

Total awards: $173,743.00

The Undergraduate Research Conference Planning Committee requested $9,000 to provide student excellence awards to some of the top student presenters at the URC for the next three years. This organization works with academic departments to coordinate and implement the week-long Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) each year, showcasing UNH undergraduate research, scholarship and creative works. $3,000 was awarded to provide 4 $750.00 URC Awards of Excellence to presenting students for this year. Awarded $3,000

The UNH Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas requested $7,310 for the purchase of software, site licensing and equipment to integrate Assisi Forest Inventory (a forest management software product) into the Woodlands Office database and the Thompson School Forestry and Natural Resources-Forestry forest management and measurement classes. This organization manages 3800 acres of forested University property across the state to provide educational, recreational and research opportunities for students. Awarded $7,310

The UNH Child Study and Development Center (CSDC) requested $15,800 for the construction of a Natural Outdoor Learning Space to benefit the children, teachers, and UNH students at CSDC. This is a nationally accredited laboratory school within the UNH School of Health and Human Services providing care and education for 120 children and their families. It also provides teacher training for close to 100 undergraduate student interns every year. $11,000 has been raised over the last 3 years by a Parent group through the CSDC for this project. Awarded $15,800

The COLSA Biology department requested $13,225 for the purchase of SuperTech teaching equipment for laboratory instruction in Rudman Hall G41. This classroom serves more than 500 students each year. This equipment will provide instructors with some of the most technologically advanced educational materials available. Awarded $13,225

The MUB and Student Activity fee committee requested $10,000 for the purchase of an Outdoor Movie System, which provides an alcohol free environment for students attending the outdoor movies. The Student Activity Fee Committee has agreed to provide $10,000 in funding for this project. This purchase will eliminate the need to rent this equipment and allow for more movies to be shown. Awarded $10,000

UNH Campus Recreation requested $27,790 to purchase a 14 passenger shuttle for use by the UNH Sport Clubs. One of the major goals of this group is to provide safe and affordable transportation to the 1100+ students who are members of the 27 active clubs. Many different types of fundraising have been employed to bring in additional funds. Awarded $27,790

The UNH Shooting Sports Club requested $5,365 for the purchase of competition shooting pistols and a gun safe for storage. This club is dedicated to teaching firearms safety and marksmanship to the UNH community and participating in shooting competitions. This club has sponsored fundraisers such as running concession stands at the Woodsmen Club meet and working as ticket takers and scorers at the NHIAA swim meet. Awarded $5,365

The UNH Sailing Team requested $6,112.94 for the purchase of a new outboard motor for one of the crash boats. This group teaches beginners about sailing and provides them with an environment to learn and build their skills and provides more experienced sailors opportunities to teach sailing & race. Major fundraising over the last 8 years was employed in order to purchase a new fleet of sail boats. $14,715 was donated and raised by the team with an additional $22,000 from work weekends over the last 8 years. Awarded $6,113

The UNH Robotics Club requested $4,739.94 to upgrade the Robotics Resource Center, to assist with the cost of hosting the FIRST Vex Challenge accessible to New Hampshire schools and for travel expenses to the Annual FIRST Championship Event in Atlanta, GA. This UNH club provides an educational experience for students by using FIRST programs as an outlet for students to apply their classroom knowledge and gain real-world experiences. Additional funds have been gained through fundraising, donations, and other grants. Funding was awarded for the Robotics Resource Center upgrades and the cost to host the FIRST Vex Challenge. Awarded $3,490

The UNH Police Department requested $30,464.75 to fund the expansion of “Know Your Power” media campaign by supporting the creation, development and distribution of four new posters to UNH undergraduates. The UNH Police Dept. works to reduce violence against women on campus through an integrated project that involves awareness and prevention. Funding was awarded to support the poster printing & distribution to residence halls, on-campus apartments, Greek Houses and the Memorial Union Building. Awarded $9,925

The Office of Conduct and Mediation, a collaboration of other campus departments requested $8,725 to fund the Choices Matter program which seeks to address alcohol and drug use by students. This group has been reaching out to students and their parents with an educational DVD which discusses alcohol and drug use, its risks and legal consequences as well as university consequences when the law is violated. Awarded $8,725

The UNH Art and Art History Department requested $20,000 to design and implement a digital arts lab for students. This technology classroom and student workspace will house the production equipment for courses in Digital Photography and digital components of all other Studio Art courses. This will give students a broader experience on current industry standard imaging equipment and enable more students to explore digital technologies. Awarded $20,000

The UNH Wildcat Marching Band requested $58,000 to purchase new percussion equipment and purchase equipment to add a front ensemble element to the band. This group performs at all UNH Home games as well as select campus events, area parades, high school marching band shows, and away football games. The marching band is one of the most visible organizations on campus. Funding was awarded to buy new percussion equipment. Awarded $28,000

The UNH Visual Resource Center, Department of Art and Art History requested $20,000 for the purchase of copyright-restriction-free digital art reproductions for use in the classroom by instructors and as study reference materials by students enrolled in Art History courses. This material would also be available to other academic departments that use art images. The availability of digital art images online will enable students to study course materials from any internet connected computer workstation. Funding was awarded as a match to funds contributed by Diamond Library, Art and Art History Department and the Visual Resource Center. Awarded $10,000

Project LEAD (Learn. Experience. Apply. Demonstrate.) requested $10,000 to support the expansion of the UNH Leadership Camp. This group, staffed by MUB personnel, provides cutting edge, quality leadership development initiatives to UNH Students. In January 2007, the first annual UNH Leadership Camp was launched, providing a six-day intensive leadership development program. This funding covers the costs of printing advertisements, buying general supplies, and the ropes course facilitation at the Browne Center. Awarded $5,000