UNH Parents Association 2006 Grant Awards

Fall 2006 Discretionary Grant Awards

Total Awards: $22,816.12

$687.00- Awarded to the UNH Society of Women Engineers to help support students in attending the Society of Women Engineers Regional Conference. This group engages in professional development activities to help promote women in engineering. The UNH section of SWE attended the national conference in the fall of 2005, which quadrupled their membership and they also learned new ways to improve their programs purpose. Attending the regional conference this year will allow those attending to bring conference ideas back to others in SWE. This proposal was given partial funding, complementing additional funds contributed by other sources.

$1,229.70- Awarded to the College of Life Science and Agriculture to purchase easels. The addition of easels to the program will increase the number of students that are able to have the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference (URC). The URC is held every spring and provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research projects in an environment that equals that of a professional conference. This proposal was given partial funding, complementing additional funds contributed by COLSA, the Deans Office, Academic Affairs, and others.

$2,500.00- Awarded to the Tennis Club for court rental and transportation. The Tennis Club offers tennis instruction, training, intercollegiate match play, and both highly competitive and recreational tennis. It is open to all students. This group was created upon the elimination of the Varsity Tennis team. Indoor court time is necessary to keep players learning and in shape during the winter and transportation is needed for matches at other schools. Fundraising has raised $1,623.00 thus far and additional fundraisers are planned for a raffle and a youth tennis clinic. This proposal was given full funding.

$2,463.00- Awarded to the Nordic Ski Club for the purchase of Nordic skis, boots, poles, and a waxing station. The Nordic Ski Club gives UNH students the opportunity to cross-country ski both recreationally and competitively. The club offers ski lessons to students and, on certain days, to the entire Durham community. They attend cross country races around New England and go to recreational outings. Funding will be used to purchase ski packages and a waxing station to maintain the skis. Plans for fundraising include a ski-fair day, a raffle and a car wash. This proposal was given full funding.

$2450.00- Awarded to the UNH Cycling Team for the purchase of bicycle racks. The UNH Cycling team trains year round and students compete in road race biking, mountain biking, and cyclocross. The bicycle racks will hold bicycles securely on top of the Campus Recreation Vans when traveling to competitions and recreational events. The team raises funds by organizing three races a year, jersey sponsorships, and equipment sponsorships. This proposal was given full funding.

$2,500.00- Awarded to the UNH Archery Club for the purchase of Compound bows, accessories, and new targets. The club provides opportunity for UNH students, faculty, and staff to learn and practice the sport of archery. They provide coaching and equipment for those who don’t have their own equipment. They participate in local competitions and the National Archery Association National Competition. They also hold the only 30 meter indoor shoot in the country, which also serves as a major fundraiser. Plans for a yard sale also will also help bring in additional funds. New targets will improve safety during shooting and compound bows will allow increased growth of the club and its members. This proposal was given partial funding.

$554.42- Awarded to the Smith Hall Council for the purchase of kitchen equipment. Smith Hall is the international themed dorm. The residents work together to promote cultural and diversity awareness on campus. They do this through educational and international programming in which the University community is regularly invited to. Additional fundraising in the past has been done through an auction. Plans for a similar event are in the works for this year. Over 800 students will be affected by this. This proposal was given full funding.

$2,500.00- Awarded to the UNH Outdoor Adventure Program for the purchase of whitewater kayaks, spray skirts, and paddles. This organization provides students, staff and local community members with opportunities for outdoor adventure recreation. The funds will also be used to purchase supplies for whitewater kayaking instructional clinics. Training has already begun at the indoor pool, and the additional equipment will help with training. This proposal was given full funding, complementing additional funds contributed by other sources.

$2,500.00- Awarded to the Film Underground organization for the purchase of DVD’s. This organization presents rare, classic, foreign, and independent films to students for free on the big screen. Films are followed by group discussions and analysis to further the understanding and appreciation of the film. This proposal will use the money to purchase new DVD’s to be shown over the next three years at film underground screenings. The Film Underground also developed a partnership with the Diamond Library in which the library will receive all the purchased DVD’s for their permanent collection, which is accessible by the entire university. This proposal was given full funding, complementing additional funds contributed by the Collection Developmental Department.

$465.00- Awarded to the Languages, Literature & Cultures, COLA Deans Office to purchase plants and flowers. Weekly installation of fresh, seasonal flower arrangements is an addition to the COLA Deans Office in Murkland Hall. These decorate the otherwise barren alcove in Murkland Hall. Funds will go towards plant materials for fresh arrangements. This proposal was given full funding, which supplements donations of seasonal fresh flowers from the designer’s own garden.

$2,495.00- Awarded to the Undergraduate Admissions Office for the purchase of an LCD television and MacMini. The Admissions office serves as a gateway to the University as they welcome prospective students and their parents to campus by hosting tours, group information sessions, conducting interviews, etc. The funds will be used to purchase an LCD television and MacMini with a wireless keyboard to use in the Admissions lobby and the materials would be used to loop information, presentations, videos, providing key information about UNH to prospective students and their parents. This proposal received full funding.

$2,472.00- Awarded to the Northeast Passage for the purchase of an Upper Body Exercise machine. This organization promotes therapeutic recreation services, delivers disability-related health promotion and adapted sports programs throughout New England. They provide educational opportunities for people with and without disabilities on disability workshops, awareness workshops, and recreational wheelchair sports through campus recreation. The Parents Association’s support will allow the purchase of an upper body exercise machine to allow athletes that do not have use of their legs to complete a cardiovascular workout. This proposal received full funding, complementing additional funds contributed by UNH Athletics, Chet Homer, and US Paralympics.

Spring 2006 Major Grant Awards

Total amount awarded: $152,274

$7,314.00 – Awarded to the Judicial and Mediation Programs Office to assist the collaborative effort addressing alcohol and other drug use by students. UNH continues to confront this important health, safety and welfare issue thru the Choices Matter DVD which is designed to reach students and their parents. This is the second year that the Parents Association has assisted in funding this unique initiative as it outlines the risks of alcohol and other drug use as well the legal and university consequences when the rules and laws are violated. This proposal was given full requested funding, complimenting additional university funds. www.unh.edu/vpsas/choices.htm

$6,204.00 – Awarded to the UNH Library for the purchase of 6 additional laptop computers for the Library Laptop Program. This program, which has been in place since 2000, allows students at the library to borrow a laptop computer for up to 4 hours at a time is enormously successful and is valuable resource for students. This proposal was given full requested funding. www.library.unh.edu/services/techcomp/laptops.shtml

$15,000.00 – Awarded to the Organic Garden Club and Students Without Borders collaborative to implement a 2 week Permaculture Certification Course. This collaborative is leading the effort to bring permaculture, a technique in sustainable living and design into the UNH curriculum. The certification course will incorporate the ethics and principles of broad range of sustainability projects. Students taking this course will be required to host a series of presentations based on the course for the UNH community and the general public. This proposal was given full requested funding. www.sustainableunh.unh.edu/fas/campus_c_farm_upd.html

$6,000.00 – Awarded to the UNH Wildcat Marching Band for additional lighting needed for their practice field. This proposal will facilitate the Marching Band’s practices on a lined football field after sunset and will allow sport club teams to better utilize this field as well. This proposal was given full funding, to compliment funds contributed by the Marching Band. www.unh.edu/unhwmb/

$11,355.00 – Awarded to the UNH Residential Life for the creation of a residence hall mural project. Student representatives from all the UNH dorms will work with an experienced visual artist to create a diversity mural. The resulting mural will be copied and hung in the other 19 residence halls on campus. This proposal was given full requested funding.

$9,850.00 – Awarded to the UNH Police Dept. to purchase crime mapping software and training. This will assist the UNH Police in patterning areas and timing of incidents to help them better utilize their resources. A student initiated survey will be implemented with this project to assist the police in their environment, safety & patrol programs. This proposal was given full funding and compliments funds contributed by the UNH Police.

$20,000.00 – Awarded to the Crew Club and Campus Recreation for the purchase of an additional, much needed towing vehicle to facilitate the moving of Crew Club Shells to practices and races. The vehicle will also be used to transport canoes and kayaks for recreational student use as needed. This proposal was given full funding and compliments extensive fundraising by the Crew teams for their programs.

$6,359.00 – Awarded to the UNH Dance Team to assist them in participating in the 2007 National Cheer & Dance Alliance National Championship to represent UNH. This club sport team regularly performs for the UNH community at basketball, football and school pep rallies. This proposal was given full funding, to supplement their substantial fundraising efforts.

$30,000.00 – Awarded to UNH Business Services & CIS Academic Technology to develop a user friendly Parent Portal. The Parent Portal will provide, with student permission, online access to students accounts with real time updates. This proposal was seen as a significant benefit to all UNH parents. This funding supplements substantial funds provided by UNH Business Services & CIS Academic Technology.

$5,000.00 – Awarded to the Dept. of Political Science to initiate a 2 year speaker series entitled: “National Political Leaders and America’s Future”. The speaker series will utilize volunteers from the College Democrats & College Republicans student groups. This funding matches support provided by the College of Liberal Arts and the Dept. of Political Science.

$15,000.00 – Awarded to the UNH Women’s Club Softball Team for the construction of a recreational softball facility. This effort is enhanced by the softball team’s efforts to organize a coalition of campus entities & community groups to support this project. This proposal was given full funding, supplementing the fundraising efforts of the team.

$3,546.00 – Awarded to the Civil Technology Dept. within the Thompson School of Applied Technology for the purchase and installation of a computer projector system for their newly renovated computer lab/classroom which will be available to students 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This proposal was given full funding.

$3,646.00 – Awarded to the Office of Health Education & Promotion for the creation of a Meditation CD to assist students in managing stress. This funding supplements programs that are already in place to assist a large number of students who experience sleep disturbance issues, anxiety, muscle tension, increased blood pressure and heart rate. This proposal was given full funding, supplementing in-kind dept. support and volunteer efforts to produce this CD. www.unh.edu/health-services/healthEd.htm

$3,000.00 – Awarded to the UNH Campus Recreation for the replacement and upgrade of an 11 year old projection screen TV in the Rec Center’s lounge. This funding assists the Rec Center in providing healthy alternatives for UNH students. This proposal was given partial funding.

$10,000.00 – Awarded to the Project Mentor which is a UNH based initiative which matches undergraduate men and women mentors with regional middle school boys and girls aimed at improving academic achievement for middle school mentees, and providing leadership opportunities for UNH undergraduates. This proposal was given partial funding, to cover the costs of training materials and supplies for the program. Project Mentor supports the salaries of the instructors hired for undergraduate mentor training.