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Pollution  Prevention Internship Survey for Facilities - Complete Survey

UNH and DES need  your help.  As a participating facility, we need your feedback on how the Pollution Prevention Internship Program helped to benefit your company.  We would like to know the influence the intern had on your company and your recommendations to improve the P2 Internship Program.


We realize your time is limited.  However, we are asking you to take a few minutes to answer the short questionnaire found below.


If it is easier to call in  your responses, contact Sara at 603-271-6460.  Your comments and ideas are critical to the future success of the program and we thank you for taking the time to help make the program more valuable to UNH's interns and to New Hampshire's businesses.


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1)  How many summers has your company participated in the P2 Internship program? 

2)  Did your facility's P2 Intern benefit your company?  Please check all that apply.
yes, intern started or completed P2 project.
yes, intern did comprehensive research.
yes, intern gave the company a fresh insight on an issue.
yes, the intern saved the company money.
no, project was not successful or completed.
no, intern was not trained properly.
no, did not utilize intern efficiently.
no, intern was not suited for the company.

3.  If intern saved the company money, please indicate how much: 

4.  Did your company practice pollution prevention prior to its involvement with the Pollution Prevention Internship Program?

 yes       no  

5.  Did the intern start a new project or continue with an existing project?

new    existing

6.  Did you continue with the project(s) that the intern worked on?

yes   no

7.  Did the intern return to the facility the following summer(s)?

 yes    no

Did you offer the intern a full-time position?

 yes   no

Please comment if you would like:

8.  How much waste reduction is the project currently supporting and how much money is being saved?  If possible, describe the waste reduction or cost savings from the intern project.

9.  How would you compare the P2 Intern Program to other intern programs that your company  has participated in?

10.  Would you recommend the P2 Intern Program to other companies?

 yes    no

11.  How could the P2 Intern Program provide better service to participating companies?

12.  Based on the intern abilities and outcomes, the cost of participating was:

money well spent
too much

13.  On a scale from 1-5 (5 being excellent and 1 being poor), the overall rating of the P2 Intern Program was:


14.  Please comment on how you would improve the September presentations.

	* indicates required field


For any further questions or comments, please contact:


Sara Johnson

P2 Project Manager



6 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03301-6509, USA

phone: +1-603-271-6460
fax: +1-603-271-2456


Dr. Ihab H. Farag

P2 Partnership Director
Chemical Engineering Dept.

University of New Hampshire (UNH)


255 Kingsbury Hall

Durham, NH 03824-3591

phone: +1-603-862-2313,
fax: +1-603-862-3747


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