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P2 Internship Program

Since the summer of 1994, 46 New Hampshire organizations have worked with 73 University of New Hampshire Students, mostly Chemical Engineering (ChE) majors, in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) on pollution prevention (P2) and energy efficiency (E2) projects through the Pollution Prevention Internship Program (P2I).

Photo courtesy of the CEPS News Bureau office

A P2 project by two 1994 UNH Pollution Prevention Interns helped General Electric rid its Somersworth plant of the solvent trichloroethylene. Chemical Engineering juniors Jason Garland (left) and Denise Saltojanes (center) worked with EHS manager Coleen Fuerst,  UNH '80 (right) to change GE's electric meter manufacturing process to accommodate a water-based cleaner for metal parts.  Jason won a $500 student intern award from GE for his excellent effort on the project. The result, according to Coleen Fuerst, is a healthier environment, reduced waste, and compliance with clean air requirements. 

photo courtesy of the UNH Publications Office

Jennifer Werkelin, a 1997 UNH P2 Intern at the NH Small Business Technical Assistance Program (SBTAP), wa1ks through a Portsmouth car dealership garage pointing out various areas that meet the environmental standards set forth by the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES). In her internship, Jennifer, a Chemical Engineering junior, visited various auto shops in the NH Seacoast region to ensure that hazardous waste is being disposed of safely. Using the Automotive Repair and Refinishing Environmental Compliance Manual, written by Elizabeth Lenox, a 1996 UNH P2 Intern, Jennifer provided NH automotive shop owners with tips and pollution prevention ideas.

The objectives of this program are:

These objectives are accomplished through the P2I program by establishing a framework for cooperation between US EPA, NH DES, company sponsors, student interns, and UNH faculty mentors.

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