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P2 Internship Program - 2003 Interns


2003 P2 Internship Final Presentation, Thursday, Sept 4, 2003 (Interns and sponsors)



First Row (left to right):
Debbie Augustine (NHHA), Janet Bowen (EPA), Eileen Chabot (NHNG), Zack Boyajian (NHNG), Ihab Farag (UNH, P2I Program Director), Justin Leclerc (UNH Chem Eng, EPA Intern), Maunie Brewster (UNH Chem Eng, NHDES Intern), Stephanie D’Agostino (NH DES), Nagi Alla (Velcro).

Second Row (left to right):

Marc Duquette (Velcro), Linda Darveau (EPA), April Duhaime (UNH Chem Eng, Velcro Intern), Shelley Doherty (UNH Chem Eng, NHARNG Intern), Justin Warrington (UNH Chem Eng, EPA Intern), Michael O’Connor (UNH Chem Eng, NHARNG Intern), Joseph Fagan (UNH Chem Eng, EPA Intern), Shawn Banker (Velcro).


Read the article "UNH Help Business Green Up" in Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology, Oct. 6., 2003, by Anne Taylor

2003 Interns:

Maunie Brewster, NH DES P2 Program,P2 Outreach and Intern Liaison
Maunie promoted pollution prevention by reducing the use of mercury. She interacted with various health care facilities and outreach programs. She worked with the recycling coordinator on several projects and assisted on several site visits. Along with this, she worked as the UNH P2 Intern Liaison and assisted other interns when needed.

April Duhaime, Velcro USA Inc., Solid Waste Recycling

April tracked and analyzed different solid waste volumes and costs. She reduced the solid waste volumes for Velcro USA Inc.'s two NH facilities by implementing some recycling programs. The results were a reduction in solid waste costs, and in some instances, generating profit on various materials.

Justin Leclerc, EPA Region 1, EMS for Small Businesses
Justin LeClerc conducted on site assistance to companies participating in an Environmental Management System (EMS) user group. As part of EPA Region 1's Supply Chain Strategy, suppliers to New Hampshire Ball Bearings were invited to a free series of training seminars on implementing an EMS. An important component of this program is the on site assistance to develop aspects and impact and objectives and targets that Justin was able to provide. Several companies identified cost saving measures that they will implement in the future.

Joseph Fagan & Justin Warrington EPA Region 1,Data Collection and Compilation of the Hospital Assessment Tool 
Joe and Justin conducted a state-specific environmental survey for the EPA at hospitals in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The anonymous survey/tool was designed to help asses the hospitals environmental performance and potential opportunities. The aggregate data may be of help to EPA and state agencies in providing future training and assistance.

Shelley Dougherty & Mike O’Connor, New Hampshire Army National Guard (NHARNG),
Pollution Prevention Plan in response to Executive Order 13148.

Shelley and Mike updated the New Hampshire Army National Guard’s (NHARNG) P2 Plan to comply with Executive Order (E.O.) 13148 “Greening of Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management” and ISO 14001. Their job was to develop this updated P2 plan as well as investigate potential P2 initiatives that could further NHARNG’s endeavors in the future.

Shelley Dougherty & Mike O’Connor, NHARNG Pollution Prevention Plan  (.doc) file



Shelley Dougherty & Mike O’Connor, NHARNG Pollution Prevention Plan  (.pdf) file, short version


Shelley Dougherty & Mike O’Connor, NHARNG Pollution Prevention Plan  (.pdf) file, long version



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