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P2 Internship Program - 2002 Interns


2002 P2 Internship Final Presentation, Thursday, Sept 5, 2002 (Interns and sponsors)



First Row:
Mike Kenelly (Portex), Cheryl Bolduc (SMI), Ihab Farag (UNH ChE, Program Director), Eric Couture (UNH ChE), Jacqui Beaman (Portex), Kim
Garrison (UNH Env. Conserv.), Caitlin Laclair (UNH ChE), Linda Darveau (US EPA), Philip O'Brien (NH DES)

Second Row:
David Kressler (Portex), Tim Talcott (Portex), Tim Grossi (Portex), David Hiley (UNH Provost), Justin Warrington (UNH ChE), Denelle
Gourley (Portex), August Baur (Portex), Tim Matson (Portex), Chris Barrett (UNH ChE).



2002 P2 Internship Midsummer presentation, Wednesday, July 17, 2002, 310 Kingsbury Hall


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0207305.jpg (364649 bytes)

Razvan Popescu, Justin Warrington, Eric Couture, Chris Barrett

0207306.jpg (379946 bytes)

Chris Barrett, Caitlin LaClair, Kim Garrison, Sara Johnson

0207307.jpg (387174 bytes)

Sara Johnson, Dwight Peavey, Len Wallace, Linda Darveau, paul Lockwood

0207308.jpg (374711 bytes)

Linda darveau, Paul Lockwopod, Colleen

0207309.jpg (397470 bytes)





2002 Interns:


Eric Couture, Environmental Metrics, Portex

Christopher J. Barrett, UNH Bio-Oil Project: End Market Analysis, UNH

Razvan Popescu, UNH Intern Liaison and P2 Outreach Assistant, NHPPP, DES

Kim Garrison, Assisting the Metal Finishing Industry with Pollution Prevention Concepts, EPA

Caitlin LaClair,
UNH Bio-Oil Project: End Market Analysis, UNH

Justin Warrington, Clean Engines Program, Metal Finishers Survey, EPA





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