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P2 Internship Program - 2001 Interns

2001 P2 Internship Final Presentation, Thursday, Sept 6, 2001



From Left to right:

Front: David Hiley (UNH Provost), Kim Garrison, Linda Darveau (US EPA), Julie Newman (UNH Sustainability Program),

Ihab Farag

Back: Kyllan Alwyn, Sara Johnson (DES), April Duhaime , Tom Kelly (UNH Sustainability Program), Ken Marschner (DES),

Chris Barrett


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Ken Marschner (DES), Kyllan Alwyn, David Hiley (UNH Provost), Linda Darveau ( EPA), Ihab Farag

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Chris Barrett (kneeling) Ken Marschner,  Julie Newman (OSP) David Hiley, Linda Darveau, Ihab Farag, Tom Kelly (OSP) 

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Kim Garrison and Linda Darveau receive certificates of Participation

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April Duhaime and Sara Johnson (DES) receive certificates of Participation

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Caitlin LaClair,  and Richard Berry (MARKEM) (Aug 15, 2001)

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Yi Luo and Julie Newman (OSP) (Aug. 15, 2001)



2001 P2 Internship Midsummer presentation, Friday, June 22, 2001

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April Duhaim

Chris Barrett

Caitlin LaClair

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Kyllan Alwyn

Kim Garrison, April Duhaime, Caitlin LaClair, Chris Barrett, Kyllan Alwyn

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Kim Garrison, April Duhaime, Caitlin LaClair, Chris Barrett, Kyllan Alwyn, Ihab Farag


2001 P2 Internship Training Workshop

From left to right: Kyllan Alwyn, Steve Pieroni, Caitlin LaClair,  and George Mwangi

From left to right: Seth Morill, Bob Coggon, April Duhaime, and Mike Diamond

From left to right: Jenn Dorciak (NHPPP, DES), Natasha Hardy, Jocelyn Prowse, Kim Garrison, and Yi Luo.

2001 Interns:


Kyllan Alwyn, Electroplating of Copper through a horizontal process for use in the Printed Circuit Board Industry, Teledyne, Londonderry

Christopher J. Barrett,
Integrated Waste Management System: Modeling best practices in the UNH Durham Community,UNH Office of Sustainability, Durham

April Duhaime, UNH Intern Liaison and P2 Outreach Assistant, NHPPP, DES, Concord

Kim Garrison, Assisting the Metal Finishing Industry with Pollution Prevention Concepts, EPA, Boston

Caitlin LaClair, Reduction of Hazardous Waste in Fluid Ink Manufacturing,
Markem, Keene

Yi Luo, Product Take Back and Sustainable Contract Management: A Case Study of Reducing the Universal Waste Stream Through Management of the Computer Vendor Contracts at University of New Hampshire, UNH Office of Sustainability, Durham




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