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P2 Internship Program - 1996 Interns


Back Row: (left to right) 
Lauren Desrochers, Jeff LeBlanc, Seth Forden, Miles Walker, Elizabeth Lenox 

Front Row: (left to right) 
Ihab Farag (UNH Program Director), Johanna Brothers, Ida Lane, Kathy Wallace, Jennifer Lavery, Jason Shiepe, Vincent Perelli (DES) 

1996 Interns:


Kathy Wallace, HADCO:

Solder Strip Chemistry Reclamation, Water Conservation, Chemical Add Database


Lauren Desrochers, Elliot Hospital:

Waste Management Plan


Johanna Brothers, PAK 2000:

Continuous Safety Improvement and Hazardous Waste Vendor Study


Jeff LeBlanc, HADCO:

Water Recycle/Reuse, and Feasibility Investigation of Mecer Filtration Unit


Jason Shiepe, Teradyne:

Copper Recovery and other projects


Jennifer Lavery, GE Aircraft Engine:

Elimination of F003 Contaminants and Outlet for Glass Bead Sludge


Elizabeth Lenox, DES/SBTAP:

Automotive Repair and Refinishing Environmental Compliance Assistance Project


Ida Lane, Elliot Hospital:

Recycling Plan for Elliot Hospital


Miles Walker, DES P2:

Internship Coordination/P2 Database Management/On-Site Assessment


Seth Forden, GE Meter Business:

Several projects


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