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P2 Internship Program - 1995 Interns


Back Row: (left to right) 

Vince Perelli (NH DES), Jeffrey Stubbs, Wilburn Miller, Douglas Abbott, 
Todd Malcolm, Vickie Dycewicz, Thomas Field III, Christopher Walter, 
Jennifer Russell, Jennifer Wingfield, Ihab Farag (UNH Program Director) 

Seated, Front Row: (left to right) 
Volen Nikolov, Judith Forbes, Amanda Heath, Carey Fillman, Katherine 
Powers, Jeffrey Luby 

Carey Fillmann and Dr. Farag receiving U.S. Coast Guard Citations.

UNH Interns helping at the U.S. Coast Guard Base

1995 Interns:

Judith Forbes, Textron Automotive Interiors:

Waste Stream Analysis


Todd Malcolm, LW Packard & Co, Inc.:

Dye Recovery in a Wool Mill


Jeff Stubbs, X-L/Spraytech Corp.:

Compliance and Safety at Small Metal Fabrication


Vickie Dycewicz, Conceptronic Inc. & Franklin Electro Plating Co:

P2 in the SMT Process & Compliance and P2 at Metal Finishing Job Shop


Carey Fillmann, S. Portland Coast Guard Base:

P2 and EPCRA at Federal Facility


Amanda Heath, NHDES/NHPPP:

Internship Coordination and P2 Success Stories


Wilburn Miller, Nashua Corp.:

Xylene Recovery in the Toner Manufacture


Jennifer Russell, GE Meter Business:

Elimination fo cyanide in the Plating Area


Katherine Powers, HADCO:

Copper Dust Recycling; Reduction of Sulfate Loading


Douglas Abbot & Volen Nikolov, LW Packard Inc.:

Replacement of Tar Remover


Jeffrey Luby, Textron Automotive Interiors:

Preparation and Implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan; Updating Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)


Thomas Field, III, Quin-T Corp:

Wastewater Reduction in the Production of Paper.


Jennifer Wingfield, GE Meter Business:

Nitric Acid Recycling / Solvent Usage Reduction / Freon Substitution / Zenith



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