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Biographical Information

Ihab H. Farag, Professor, Chemical Engineering. He was the 2001-2004 Hamel Professor of Technology and Innovation and Technology, and the 1998-2001 Robert C. Davison Professor of Environmental technology at UNH. He initiated the Biodiesel Group at UNH, Bio-Oil Team and the N.H. Pollution Prevention Partnership, and the Pollution Prevention Internship Program.  He has initiated the International Pollution Prevention Partnership (IP3) in Thailand.  He is a NOAA certified CAMEO/ALOHA instructor.  Dr. Farag conducts research, technical support, technology transfer, and training in pollution prevention (P2), chemical risk screening, and evaluation of the PBT (persistence, bioaccumulation, and toxicity) potential of chemicals in the absence of data, Biodiesel Applications, Bio-Oil Applications and Assessments, municipal buildings benchmarking for Energy Use,  chemical accident prevention,  waste minimization, fluidization, continuous air monitoring, chemical emergency preparedness in response to Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA), and process simulation.  He organized several annual New Hampshire Pollution Prevention and Homeland Security Conferences.


Dr. Farag received many prestigious awards.  These include:

 The U.S. Coast Guard Meritorious Commendation, 1995,

 U.S. EPA Environmental Merit Award, 1997,

 U.S. EPA Certificate of Appreciation, 1997, 

 The 1999 Environmental Excellence Award of the NH Business and Industry Association RECONN  

 The Robert C. Davison Professorship in Environmental Engineering at UNH (1998-2001),

  The Hamel Professorship for Innovation and Technology (2001- 2004).

April 16, 1999, University of Maine Chemical Engineering Dept Distinguished Lecture "Pollution Prevention and Risk Assessment: The Role of the Chemical Engineering"

U.S. EPA Environmental Merit Award, Earth Day, Thu April 22, 2004, presented to the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Internship Program in recognition of its exceptional work and commitment to the environment.

Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) Award, National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, and the US House of Representatives, Committee on Science, Thu Sept. 23, 2004, presented to the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Internship Program.

Excellence in International Engagement, University of New Hampshire faculty Excellence Award, Nov. 2004.

Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) Honorable mention Award, National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, and the US House of Representatives, Committee on Science, Sept.2006, presented to the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Internship Program.


He received several outstanding teaching awards.  These include:
The MIT Goodwin Medal,
MIT Everett Moore Baker Award,
UNH Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, and
The Tau-Beta-Pi Engineering Honor Society Outstanding Teacher Award at UNH.

Other Accomplishments

Dr. Farag has been very active in Biofuel Projects with a focus on Biodiesel from Algae. He has been active in international environmental engineering, pollution prevention, chemical risk screening in the absence of data, energy efficiency applications, and chemical emergency preparedness and prevention.  Some accomplishments:

-     Member of the NH Biodiesel Comission

-     Established the Pollution Prevention Internship Program. More than 120 students have been placed at NH industries.  Program was featured in several publications, and has saved companies over $3.2 million.

-     Initiated the International Pollution Prevention Partnership (IP3) with Thailand, and the Pollution Prevention/Cleaner Production Internship in Thailand. Over 100 Thai students have been trained, and over thirty Thai student interns have been placed at Thai facilities.

-     Performed environmental screening at several facilities. Assembled environmental assessment teams.  

-    Initiated and supported the Compliance Leadership through Environmental Assessments and Negotiations - Pollution Prevention (CLEAN-P2) Program in New Hampshire (joint program with US EPA and NH DES)

-     Developed a training program in pollution prevention, and trained both U.S. and International participants.

-     Conducted International Workshops on Cleaner Production, Environmental Screening, Pollution Prevention, and ISO 14000.

-     Worked with the NH Air Resources Division on setting up a continuous monitoring station for the VOC precursors of ozone, in response to the 1990 Clean Air Act.

-     Testified at the NH Senate and House on Bills related to Pollution Prevention and other environmental regulations.

-     NOAA Certified CAMEO Instructor, with extensive experience in CAMEO, MARPLOT and ALOHA training.

-     Initiated a partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Coast Guard to address Pollution Prevention, waste minimization, reduction of fugitive emissions, and the Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know Act (EPCRA) issues at the Coast Guard.

-     Working with EPA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to address preparedness, prevention and emergency response to chemicals releases.

-     Organized a 1995 workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii to increase awareness of pollution prevention concepts among university students and faculties of disciplines with the largest impact on the construction industry. Co-sponsored by EPA and the Hawaii Department of Health. http://www.epa.gov/enviroed/grants/NH02.htm

-     Organized the conference, "Changing the Course of Production: A Student-Faculty Conference on Pollution Prevention in Manufacturing & Services," October 22-23, 1994 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA.

-     Participated in Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization/Environmental Assessment projects at several companies, e.g., Westinghouse, Syntex, Digital Equipment, Hadco Corporation, General Electric Co, Granite State Plating, Franklin Electroplating, Nashua Corporation, L.W. Packard, Polyclad Laminates Inc., Textron Automotive Interiors, Janco P/C, Aspen Technology, Ferrofluidics, and E3I.

-     Invited to talk about Pollution Prevention at several meetings and seminars.

-     Initiated, organized, and chaired the annual NH Pollution Prevention Conferences (1993-2001) addressing "Practical Solutions for Waste Management Problems."

-     Participated in pollution prevention/on-site technical assessment at chemical, electroplating, computer manufacturing, and pharmaceutical facilities.

-     Founding member of the Pollution Prevention Consortium of New England Universities.

-     Invited by the HazCom conference to organize training on Environmental Engineering.

-     Appeared on WZNN 930 AM, WSTG 102.1 FM, and WMUR TV Channel 9 to discuss Pollution Prevention.

-     Was profiled in the March 1993 issue of the Waste Minimization and Recycling Report.


Books Authored

Fluid Flow: A Self Instructional Problem Workbook
Heat Transfer: A Self Instructional Problem Workbook

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