PI/PD Responsibilities for Sponsored Projects
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D. Ownership and Management of Research Data

UNH and the PI/PD share responsibilities for stewardship of data generated or collected as part of funded research and scholarly activity that is conducted at UNH, under the auspices of UNH, or with UNH resources. These responsibilities derive from OMB Circular A-110. To fulfill its responsibilities, UNH adopted a policy on Ownership and Management of Research Data.

UNH Policy on Ownership and Management of Research Data

The UNH policy applies to all members of the UNH community, and to all research activities whether or not the activities are funded. The policy delineates rights to and responsibilities for research data, as well as required data management practices that ensure accurate recording and reporting of research data, and appropriate data retention, sharing, and access.

Web-based Training

PIs/PDs can learn about more about their data management responsibilities by reviewing UNH’s Web-based training, Responsible Data Management in Research and Scholarly Activity.

Additional Resources

Visit OSR’s Website for additional resources on data management, including research data agreement templates.