PI/PD Responsibilities for Sponsored Projects
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d. Sub-recipient, Consultant, and Service Provider Expenses

It is the PI’s/PD’s responsibility to keep track of progress made by sub-recipients, consultants, and service providers receiving funds from the award.

If a sub-recipient is not progressing satisfactorily with the agreed-upon scope of work at the agreed-upon pace, the PI/PD is responsible for withholding payment until such time as the sub-recipient remedies the situation. See OMB Circular A-133. If it becomes apparent that the sub-recipient will not provide remedy, the PI/PD must contact the OSR GCA* to initiate sub-award termination.

Expense monitoring for consultants and service providers is guided by OMB Circular A-110's section on Procurement. As with sub-recipient expense monitoring, the PI/PD is responsible for withholding payment until the agreed-upon consultant or service provider product is delivered.

*PIs/PDs in EOS should contact their BSC.