PI/PD Responsibilities for Sponsored Projects
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B. Expense Initiation and Management

PIs/PDs are responsible for initiating expenses once an award has been made. For example, they need to request that the BSC arrange to charge award-approved future personnel expenses to the award account or arrange to purchase supplies needed for the project.

PIs/PDs must ensure that project funds are expended and documented according to the sponsor's guidelines. Federal sponsor requirements and guidelines are contained in OMB Circular A-21 and OMB Circular A-110. All sponsor requirements can be found in the award terms and conditions.

This subsection will cover the following aspects of expensing:

  1. Guidelines Governing Expenses
  2. Assignment and Apportionment of Employee Salaries and Wages
  3. Supplies and Equipment
  4. Travel
  5. Sub-awards
  6. Consultants and Service Providers
  7. Expense Documentation
  8. Cost Sharing Documentation
  9. Expense Monitoring