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    Whose effort is certified and how?

At UNH all employees, including graduate students, who have any salary paid from externally sponsored programs (federal and non-federal) must certify their effort. Faculty, PAT, Extension Educators, and graduate students certify effort annually based on actual labor cost distributions established through a work plan with updates as necessary. Operating staff (including adjunct) certify effort through bi-weekly timesheets. A couple of departments, e.g. Space Science Center, have alternative time and effort systems required by sponsors.

PIís, PDís, faculty, staff, and EE certify effort annually based on the UNH fiscal year ending June 30 each year. Sponsored Programs Administration manages the annual certification processes based on the current UNH policy on effort management and certification. Effort certifications are completed by the employee or someone else with suitable means of verification of the effort performed. UNH expects to utilize an on-line certification system in Banner for the 2010-2011 certification period and going forward. Additional guidance on the Banner effort certification process will be available on the Research web pages prior to the period for certification at http://www.unh.edu/research/effort-reporting-and-certification-0.