Committees for 2013

  1. Executive Committee: Monique Couillard (Chair), Slava Bruder (Vice-Chair) and Penny Gould (Secretary)

  2. Nominations Committee: All members of the OS Council

  3. Communication/Promotions Committee: Helen Lonek, Karen Mars, Monique Couillard

  4. Compensations and Benefits Committee (SPPC): Janice Pierson and Matty Leighton

  5. Professional Development: Laurrie Anne Malizia, Janice Pierson, Slava Bruder, Monique Couillard, Lisa Canfield

  6. UNH Transportation Committee: Karen Mars OS Rep

  7. President's Commission for the Status of People of Color: Lee Claderone OS Rep

  8. Flexible Workplace Task Force: Monique Couillard OS Rep

  9. NEASC Accreditation: Slava Bruder and Monique Couillard

  10. OS Council Rep to PAT Council: Slava Bruder