Operating Staff Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

September 5, 2001


Council members present:Mark Ernst, District 5; Karin Coe, District 8; Marie Hanson, At-large; Darcy Azzarella, At-large; Julie Johnson Dubois, District 11; Sharon Gordon (chair) District 6; Belinda Camire, District 15; Erika Clifford, At-large; Ginette Couture, District 13; Shirley Norton, District 14; Debbie Anderson, (recorder) District 9


Absent: Karen Kelly, District 10; Corinne Trott, District 12; Cathy Rudd, District 16


Ex-Officios:††††† Jen Vento, Campus Journal

††††††††††††††††††††††† Gregg Sanborn, Presidentís office

††††††††††††††††††††††† Holly Wellstead, Human Resource representative

††††††††††††††††††††††† David Butler, Human Resources


The council voted in a new member: Darcy Azzarella representing the At-large seat


Sharon reported that Dick Swasey, Vice-chair has left the council due to a change in his

work hours.


The council voted to approve the August minutes.


Holly Wellstead-Human Resources representative

Reminded everyone of the upcoming open enrollment sponsored by the USNH Benefits Office. Open enrollment will run from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31 with the Benefits Fair

scheduled for Oct. 17 in the Granite State Room at the MUB.


Gregg Sanborn, Presidentís Office

Gregg reported that President Leitzel will retire at the end of this fiscal year, probably by

June 30.She has served as the universityís president since 1996.The Trusteeís will be putting together a search committee this fall that will be a representation of all areas of the campus community.


Gregg also handed out a new draft of the universityís new smoking policy.Gregg asked that all constituent groups review the draft by October 12 and give any feedback to Brad Manning.


David Butler, Asst. Vice-President, Human Resources

David reported that the Sick Leave Pool Donation is currently on hold. Two of the people who were working on that program, Guy Hutt, training coordinator, and Jean Irvine, human resources partner, have left the university.David realizes that this is an important issue and will certainly be addressed at a later date.


David brought a new professional development initiative concerning non-credit courses to the council for their approval.Currently employees pay 50 percent of a course fee fornon-credit courses and the remaining 50 percent is paid by the university system. The new pilot program would have the university system paying 50 percent of a course fee with the remaining 50 per cent of the course fee split into thirds;the employee would pay 1/3, the dept. would pay 1/3 and human resource would pay 1/3. The employees manager would have to approve that the course is job related.David stated that it will be up to employees and managers as to whether a non-credit course is considered job-related.

Another option for employees would be to pay 2/3 of their 50 percent share of the course fee if the manager feels that the course is business related but doesnít have the funds to pay for it.†† The council unanimously voted to give their endorsement of the program.



Jen Vento- Campus Journal

The Campus Journal is back on its weekly distribution schedule.


Other Business

Nominations-With Dick leaving the council, Sharon would like some help with the nominations.Ginette Couture volunteered to serve on the committee.


Benefits Fair-Council will have a table. Will discuss the details at the next meeting.



Darcy Azzarella will be the OS representative serving on the Human Resources orientation committee


Compensation & Benefits Committee-Ginette Couture-

Ginette handed out a list of universities that currently have a sick leave pool donation program.Ginette met with the PAT council benefits committee and they are also anxious to see this issue addressed.The council also discussed the benefits process and ways to improve orientation.


Communication Committee-no report


October meeting- The bus will pick up everyone at 8:30 for the trip to Manchester.The PAT might join us on the trip, but have their own separate meeting.


Committee assignments- Sharon urged all new members to sign up for a committee

The committees are: Compensation and Benefits, Communications and Development.

The committees meet following the regular meeting.


Meeting was unanimously adjourned.


Next meeting: October 3-Manchester