Operating Staff Council Meeting minutes

September 14, 2005


Members in attendance: Toni Searles, Charlene Hill, Stephanie Higgs, Julie Johnson Dubois, Jennifer Dubé, Lori Parent, Geri Sanders, Steve Hunter


Guests: Lonn Sattler-SPPC



Agenda Items


Hurricane Katrina Fund-Raising – Reported by Lori Parent


A draft flyer was distributed to Council Reps for review and comment. With one minor revision, it was agreed that Lori would send the flyer via email to Reps who would forward to their constituents for posting. Constituents who are interested in participating in or initiating a fund-raising effort, should connect with one of the UNH employees listed on the flyer.  This official “Give a Dollar, Save a Life” fund-raiser will end on 9/23, so time is of the essence for marketing the effort to all UNH staff.


Use of Blackboard and/or Listservs for Communication with Constituents – Reported by Julie Johnson-Dubois


Julie updated the group on the possible uses of and differences between an email listserv and Blackboard. Given that Blackboard would be easily accessible by all OS and would afford the opportunity for discussion among OS, the Council agreed to pursue that route as another way to communicate and converse with constituents. Julie will pursue next steps and get this ready to communicate to OS by the next Council meeting in November.


Performance Management – Reported by Stephanie Higgs


Stephanie reported to the group that the task force working on Performance Management at UNH will be presenting to the Councils at a joint meeting on 10/26. Dining Services is piloting the proposed performance assessment tool currently.  After the 10/26 overview, the Councils will provide feedback to the task force and next steps will be determined based on that feedback.


Benefits Cost Increases – Reported by Stephanie Higgs


Stephanie informed the group that a communication to all staff regarding the 2006 benefits costs will be forthcoming shortly after the Councils meet jointly on 10/5 with USNH Benefits.


Reminder: next regular OSC meeting will be on Wednesday, November 9th from 1-2:30pm in the Pres Conference Room, T-Hall