Operating Staff Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

October 3, 2001

Meeting held at UNH-Manchester Campus


Council members present:  Julie Johnson Dubois, District 11; Erika Clifford, At large; Mark Ernst, District 5; Darcy Azzarella, At large; Ginette Couture, District 13; Marie Hanson, At large; Karin Coe, District 8; Abby Archila, District 1; Sharon Gordon (chair) District 6; Belinda Camire, District 15; Cathy Rudd, District 16; Debbie Anderson (recorder) District 9.


Absent:  Karen Kelley, District 10;  Shirley Norton, District 14


Staff from the Manchester campus were guests at the meeting.


The council voted to approve the September minutes.


Discussion items:


Benefits Fair-Oct. 17 –MUB-Granite State Room

The council will have a table at the fair. We need people from 10 – 2 with 2 people per shift. Sharon will send out an email with times for people to sign up. Decided not to have prizes, but

have apple cider and Sharon will bring a big bag of candy.


Nominate a new Vice-Chair

Ginette Couture was nominated to serve as vice-chair and Ginette accepted the nomination

All approved the nomination.


Cathy Rudd resigned as representative for District 16 as of today’s meeting.  A suggestion was made into the possibility of video-conferencing future council meetings when a Manchester representative couldn’t physically attend a meeting.  Sharon will look into that suggestion.


Guest speakers for Nov. 7 mtg.:

Dan Reid, Faculty Senate chair

Gloria Van Beaver, chair, AOP


Discussion with the Manchester staff

§         Earned time policy

§         Status of donor leave pool

§         Benefits orientation


The meeting was adjourned.  The council was given a tour of the Manchester Campus.



Next meeting: Nov. 7