Operating Staff Council Meeting – Nov 1, 2004



Members in attendance: Stephanie Higgs, Patrice MacNevin, Jim Layne, Geri Sanders, Charlene Hill, Mark Ernst, Lori Parent, Toni Searles, Julie Johnson-Dubois, Shirley Norton, Jason Brodeur


Guests: Lori Wright-Campus Journal, Tracy Boyle- PAT Council



Next regular meeting: Thursday, December 16th, 8:30-9:00am, Board of Trustees Room, T-Hall

OS Open House: Thursday, December 16th, 9-10am, Board of Trustees Room, T-Hall


Adopt-a-UNH-Spot Proposal Update (Patrice MacNevin):

The council approved the revised Adopt-a-UNH-Spot flyer and discussed the communication plan for this program. Lori Wright (Campus Journal) stated that she’d put an article in the next Campus Journal about the program and provide a .pdf link to the application form for staff to print out. Reps will post the flyer in their districts, and Stephanie Higgs will ensure the flyer info and the application are put on the OS website. Tracy Boyle (PAT Council) asked that e-copies be sent to the PAT Council as well so they can put the forms on their website and communicate to their constituents. Though the initial marketing is focused on Fall leaf clean-up, it is a year-round program and the flyer will be revised after mid-November to reflect this. It was decided prior to the meeting, after conversation with HR, that the program would not encourage shoveling snow as a way to help Grounds and Roads. This decision was based on concern for employee safety.


Family Friendly Leave Proposal Update (Stephanie Higgs):

Given the OS SPPC’s decision to not pursue the joint PAT/OS UNH proposal, a sub-committee was formed to develop an OS-specific proposal. This sub-committee met on 10/28 and decided to keep much of the language the same from the original SPPC Option 3, but to elaborate on the proposed additional uses of sick pool using the language from the UNH PAT/OS proposal. The sub-committee will be reviewing the draft of this revised proposal and then present to the various campus Councils and constituents for feedback. Rep Charlene Hill raised a concern about the inability of hourly summer staff who work as benefited employees during the academic year to tap into their accrued Earned Time and Sick Pool during the summer. Group response to this included a suggestion that the reason this policy may be in place is because the hourly job and the benefited job are two separate jobs and that the time accrued at the benefited job is no more transferable to the hourly job than to another job off-campus that the benefited employee may  hold during the summer. Chair Stephanie Higgs stated that she would inquire about this policy with HR and the SPPC sub-committee. It was acknowledged that this is not an OS-specific issue. Some PAT staff and Faculty who do not work 100% time also face this issue. Charlene stated that she would inquire about having a meeting with Dining Services staff when the proposal draft is ready. Stephanie volunteered to attend that meeting with Charlene to help answer questions and hear the feedback. A vote on whether or not to proceed with this proposal will be taken at the next OSC meeting in December.


Employee Suggestion Program Update (Stephanie Higgs):

Stephanie informed the group that the structure of the program proposal is in place. Chris Van Horn (HR)  has joined the committee and is working to get both an online form and a tracking database created. Stephanie passed the proposal on to Jim Varn who will be talking with the Faculty Senate about it. Ideally, since faculty would be eligible to receive suggestion awards, a faculty rep will serve on the Suggestion Review Committee. Chris and Stephanie will be meeting with Editorial and Creative Services to develop a logo and marketing materials for the program. Once these final pieces are in place, the program will be introduced (target date- Jan 05).  


OSC 2005- Vacancies, Officers, District Assignments (All):

3 OSC members will not be serving on the Council in 2005- Doreen Palmer (UNH-Manchester, District 16), Mark Ernst (District 5), and Shirley Norton (District 14).  Districts 3 and 7 have remained open and are being covered by Reps who have other districts as well. These five districts are open and the Council is seeking interested OS employees to fill these vacancies. Employees do not have to be in the vacant district to cover it.

The group decided that, barring a member deciding to be the Recorder for the full year, that this role would be rotated every month next year. Stephanie encouraged anyone interested in being either Chair or Vice-Chair next year to let her know. If no one has a desire (or the time) to be Chair, Stephanie indicated that she would continue in that role next year. Formal elections will be held next month.


Other Business (All):
 The Open House will be on Thurs., Dec 16 from 9-10.


Stephanie informed the group that she had followed up with Allan Braun re the suggestions the Council had for the Facilities newsletter and that he had responded very positively and said he would be passing the suggestions along to Michele Hayes. Reps Jen Dube and Lori Parent received a couple comments re the quality of work being done by privatized staff. They will be passing this information on to Allan.


Stephanie passed out copies of the Academic Plan brochure and T-Hall puzzle to those members who were unable to attend Bruce Mallory’s presentation in  mid-October.


For more information about the Council, please visit:  http://www.unh.edu/os-council/ or call your District Rep.