Operating Staff Council Meeting minutes

May 3, 2005


Members in attendance: Doreen Palmer,  Toni Searles, Charlene Hill, Jason Brodeur, Stephanie Higgs, Julie Johnson Dubois, Jennifer Dubé, Jim Layne, Lori Parent


Guests: Lonn Sattler-SPPC, Wanda Mitchell- Vice Provost for Diversity, Mike Jones- Media Relations, Erika Clifford-HR


Stephanie Higgs opened the meeting by noting that, there were no minutes complete for April to accept.


Agenda Items


District assignments – Stephanie Higgs and all OSC members


All district information has been added to the Operating Staff website.  Thank you to Toni Searles for working hard to get all of the districts in banner.    Council Members are still experiencing “undeliverables” when emailing constituents.  They shared possible solutions of obtaining email or campus mail solutions so that all constituents can be notified of information sent.  There is still one district without a rep and the Council welcomes interested parties. Lonn Sattler is covering that district in the interim.


Adopt a UNH Spot – Reported by Jim Layne


Council members discussed ways to restart/remarket the Adopt a UNH Spot program.  The Alumni Center is having a Volunteer Day on May 5th to kick off this program in their area.  Jim of the Alumni Center said they looked at internal campus resources such as the greenhouses to purchase their annual plants.  This will give back to the UNH community in many ways.  There are many ways to get involved.  If a department or individual is interested, they can contact Linda Leavitt at Grounds and Roads or email their OS Council member.  Look for a new Adopt a UNH Spot flyer on the OSC website.


Blackboard – Reported by Julie Johnson-Dubois


Julie reported on uses of Blackboard for the OS Council.  This is being explored as another way for the OS Council to “talk” to constituents.  This would open up a new “chat” environment so constituents can log in and communicate within the community.  Julie is obtaining information on Blackboard Courses, who can access the database, and how the information will be communicated.  She will follow up at the next meeting.


Compassionate Leave – Reported by Stephanie Higgs


The 6 month pilot for the new program has ended.  The results are that 43 people donated their time, 10 people received time, and everyone who requested time (and met the guidelines) received time. Minimum time received was 5 days.  Maximum time received was 20 days. Overall the program was a great success.    A recommendation to continue this program will be brought to the President’s Council.


Performance Management – Reported by Stephanie Higgs

Stephanie is working on a committee of other OS, PAT, EE, and HR employees to define consistent performance criteria.

Additional information will be forthcoming at future meetings.


!DEA – Reported by Stephanie Higgs

The IDEA! Program is going well. Since the launch, ~15 suggestions have been submitted and will be reviewed on May 18, 2005.  As this program progresses information will be forthcoming on the OSC website.


Diversity Plan – Reported by Wanda Mitchell, Mike Jones, Erika Clifford


The Main Components of the 2004 -2009 Diversity Plan were reviewed and included the plan’s Vision/Background, Seven Major Strategies with Responsible Parties & Progress Timeline, and Specific Proposed Action Steps.   


The Seven (Overarching) Strategies are identified in five categories:  Organization Structure, Recruitment & Retention, Curriculum, Community Climate, and Outreach & Engagement.  


Currently, mentoring, colleague luncheons, socials, communication strategy and working toward professional development are in place.  Educating the campus community will be key factor to awareness of the program. Benchmarks are being set to keep the program committee on track.  


To learn more about the Diversity Plan, visit www.unh.edu/diversity http://www.unh.edu/president/welcome/commissions.htm

Reminder: next regular OSC meeting will be on Tuesday, June 14th from 8:30-10am in the Board of Trustees Room, T-Hall