Operating Staff Council Meeting – May 10, 2004



Members in attendance: Stephanie Higgs, Jennifer Dube, Shirley Norton, Patrice MacNevin, Toni Searles, Jim Layne, Charlene Hill, Gerri Sanders, Jason Brodeur


Guests:  Pat Gormley-President’s Office-Affirmative Action, Sharon Demers-HR, Lon Sattler-SPPC, Joanne Quinones Reed- PAT Council, Gregg Sanborn- President’s Office



AOP Conference: May 27th 

Next regular meeting: Tuesday, June 1st, 8:30-10am, Board of Trustees Room, T-Hall


Follow up Discussion on draft revisions to UNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy (Pat Gormley):

UNH’s full Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy can be found at http://www.unh.edu/affirmativeaction/dhpolicy.htm.

Pat elaborated on issues on employee responsibility as it relates to student and staff disclosures of harassment. The critical distinction being that if a STUDENT discloses harassment to an employee, that employee is legally responsible for reporting it. If a STAFF member discloses harassment to another, non-supervisory employee, the employee being told does not have a legal responsibility to report it. It is definitely encouraged that the employee being harassed or the employee being told inform a supervisor or HR or Pat’s office. Supervisors are legally responsible for reporting harassment when it is disclosed to them. Pat emphasized UNH’s strong policies against retaliation towards reporting employees and stated that her office and HR monitor these situations very closely.  Pat also informed the group of an online reporting system, Report It (http://reportit.unh.edu/), which allows for online (and also anonymous) harassment reporting and provides education about harassment issues.

Other discussion from members included inquiring about harassment sensitivity training (Pat is training individual departments as the need arises and/or by request, and the policy is included in the new employee orientation), the ability of reporting employees to retract their complaint (determined on a case-by-case basis dependent on potential legal ramifications).


FAIR- UNH’s Complaint and Grievance Process (Sharon Demers):

Complete information about UNH’s Complaint and Grievance Process can be found at: http://www.unh.edu/hr/empl-rel.htm#FAIR.

FAIR (Fast and Impartial Resolution) procedures were outlined by Sharon including the types of situations to which it applies (complaints and/or grievances relating to work situations (concerns or violations of policy) not having to do with job classification, merit, and those issues covered under the above discrimination and harassment policies). An example situation that would fall under FAIR would be an employee complaining that he/she was terminated without his/her supervisor following appropriate performance management procedures.


Status of Family Friendly and Cost Containment Policy Proposals (Lonn and Steph):
Stephanie and Lonn met with the Chairs of the PAT and EE Councils and the PAT Benefits Sub-Committee members in mid-April and then these same people as well as Joan Tambling (USNH Benefits) and Sharon Demers to discuss the proposals and determine next steps.  It was decided that the Family Friendly policy proposals would be tabled until the fall due to constituent feedback showing discontent with the proposals in their current form. More time is needed to explore and propose alternative options. The actual cost to the university of the currently proposed options is much less than the publicized $800,000 since this figure is composed mostly of “soft” costs associated with departments continuing to pay employee salaries while on leave. The actual cost to the university is estimated at closer to $250,000 which shouldn’t drive future cost containment measures.


Cost containment measures will move forward with a necessary implementation date of Jan 2005. The needed savings is $2.4m. Of this, $1m will be achieved through changes to the medical and long-term disability plans ($800,000 medical and $200,000 LTD). The members of these meetings determined the proposed changes to the retirement medical plan to be too undeveloped and potentially controversial to keep on the table for this year. It was agreed that changes to the current retirement medical benefits be explored for next year. Attention was focused on the various medical plan proposals.


At Monday’s OSC meeting, the medical plan option changes were reviewed and a hand-count for approval was taken.  Of the options relating to office visit co-pays, the Council voted that an increase of PCP co-pays from $10 to $15 and an increase of Specialist co-pay to either $15 or $20 was acceptable. The Council did not support increasing emergency room visits from $75 to $100.  The Council supported an increase in the prescription drug co-pay structure from $5/$15/$35 to $7/$18/$35.  The Council supported an increase in the inpatient and outpatient co-pays from $0 for both to $50-$200 inpatient and $25-$50 outpatient, preferably with outpatient co-pays having a cap of $250/person.

The proposed change to the LTD benefit was supported. This change is for UNH to continue to pay its contribution to the employee’s retirement plan while the employee is on LTD but NOT the employee’s contribution.


Approval at the SPPC level will happen in May, and at the Board of Trustees level in June.

The proposals and the cost containment proposals remain on our website.  Please email or contact your representative if you have questions, concerns or input.  





Constituent Concerns/Questions: