Operating Staff Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

March 14, 2001 (rescheduled from March 7 due to snowstorm)


Council members present:  Sharon Gordon, (chair) District 6; Lois Morris, District 11;

Shirley Norton, District 14; Belinda Camire, District 15; Flora Joyal, District 7,

Debbie Anderson (recorder) District 9. 


Absent: Mark Bolton, District 1; Mark Ernst, District 5; Karin Coe, District 8 (on vacation);

Ginette Couture, District 13; Cathy Ebert, District 16; Dick Swasey, (vice-chair) member-at-large; Paul Dean, member-at-large.


Ex-Officios:      Jen Vento, Campus Journal


February minutes- not approved-didn’t have a quorum present.


Discussion items:


Sharon Gordon attended the University Governance Communications Council meeting. Some of the items discussed at the meeting were:

·        The proposed pay increases for PAT and Operating staff

·        The proposed Capital Development Plan that would provide $185 million for the University System to renovate and modernize teaching facilities over a 6 yr period

·        Support from the PAT rep, EE rep, Faculty rep on the proposal for the donor sick leave pool. This issue was very high on everyone’s list.  This is a concern of the entire campus community.


The University System Board of Trustees visited the campus on March 1 to meet with faculty,

Students and staff.  A luncheon was held at the MUB and members of the PAT, OS, and Extension Educators councils were invited to attend. Those attending for the OS council were:

Sharon Gordon, Lois Morris, Shirley Norton and Debbie Anderson. It was an excellent opportunity to meet the Trustees and all who attended had a great time.


Vacancies on the OS Council

Currently, there are 6 vacancies on the OS Council. The council discussed strategies to

encourage Operating Staff personnel to serve.  More communication between workers and their supervisors are needed to encourage people to want to serve on the council.


Committee Reports


Communications-Due to an increased workload, Lois informed the council, that she will not be able to serve on a committee at this time.  Lois will try to work on getting the voice-mail phone system on-line and operational.


Compensation/Benefits-The committee has only met one time. Waiting for a committee to be formed (probably of PAT and OS council) to work on the Donor Sick Leave Pool.


Development-nothing to report




Respectfully submitted


Debbie Anderson, Recorder