Operating Staff Council Meeting - March 2, 2004



Members in attendance: Stephanie Higgs, Jennifer Dube, Shirley Norton, Lori Parent, Doreen Palmer, Patrice MacNevin, Jason Brodeur, Toni Searles, Jim Layne, Charlene Hill, Gerri Sanders


Guests: Sharon Demers-HR, Lon Sattler-SPPC



AOP Conference: March 17th

Next regular meeting: Tuesday, April 6, 8:30-10:00, Board of Trustees Room, T-Hall


New members announced:

Welcome to Charlene Hill-Dining, Geraldine Sanders-Housekeeping, Jim Layne-Alumni Facilities, and Jason Brodeur-WSBE Grad Admissions!!


Membership/District Distribution:

The Council districts have been assigned to the representatives and constituents lists distributed. If you do not receive minutes and/or updates in the future or you change departments, please contact Stephanie at shiggs@cisunix.unh.edu.   **If you are interested in being on the Council, please contact Stephanie Higgs at 2-2090, or connect with your district representative.  We’d love to hear from you!!


Review of Family Friendly Leave Proposals (Sharon Demers):

The three proposal options on different types of paid leave were reviewed by Sharon and discussed amongst the members. The Operating Staff Council determined that there were several questions particularly around projected cost, use of the options for those not contracted for the months of July and August, option of the proposals being a “flexible benefit”, the “all or nothing” option, what percent of the population would be able to take advantage in each of these options, and how these proposals are impacted by the current cost containment proposals.  It was determined that these questions need to be addressed before any approval of any of these proposals would happen.  There is continued cost concern based on the assumption that these options would not be coming out of the employees’ sick pool or sick leave.  


The proposals and the cost containment proposals can be found on our website.  Please email or contact your representative if you have questions, concerns or input.  A more direct communication to all OS constituents will be forthcoming. We need constituent input before the SPPC meets to discuss this further on March 25th.  The Human Resources Pack (gathering of all the HR Heads) meeting is scheduled for March 18th. 



Council Website- Our new website is up and running! Go to: www.unh.edu/os-council and check it out!


Update on Compassionate Leave:

Compassionate Leave has been approved and is now being tested in Banner.  Look for an update soon- hoped-for implementation date of April 1st.


OS Recognition Day:
Members provided input on the format of the President’s Award for Excellence banquet. Profiling 25+ year employees on the HR Website was also suggested.