Minutes of Monthly Meeting

June 5, 2002


Council members present: Abby Archila, District 1; Ed Ouellette, District 2; Mark Ernst, District 5; Karin Coe, District 8; Karen Mars, District 10; Darcy Coffta, District 11; Stephanie Higgs, District 12; Ginette Couture, District 13; Shirley Norton, District 14; Belinda Camire, District 15; Nicole Runde, At-Large; Wendy Rappa, At-large


Council members absent: Scott Healey, District 3; Matt Price, District 4; Julie Johnson-Dubois, District 6; Marie Hanson, District 7; Erika Clifford, District 9; Madeline Slocum, District 16; Dwain Lozier, At-large


Ex-Officios:             Gregg Sanborn, President’s Office

Sharon Demers, Human Resources


Guests:              Patsy Stuart, PAT Council

Lori Gula, Campus Journal


Chairperson Ginette Couture called the meeting to order at 8:35 am. 


A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to accept the minutes of the May meeting as presented.


In an update from Human Resources, Sharon Demers reminded council members the deadline for using compensatory time as well as for meeting the earned time minimum usage requirement in FY02 is June 30th.  Details regarding the minimum usage requirement may be found at http://www.unh.edu/hr/et.htm.  Ms. Demers also stated FY03 time recording forms are available online at http://www.unh.edu/hr/pubs-frm.htm for use beginning June 22nd.  In addition, Ms. Demers mentioned COBRA policies are available for children of operating staff who will graduate from high school and do not go on to college in the fall. 


Ms. Demers also reported the online employment website is now active.  Manager training sessions will be held on June 5th and staff training sessions will be held on June 19th in the MUB Theater II.


In a report from the President’s Office, Gregg Sanborn announced upwards of 18,000 people attended the May 25, 2002 commencement ceremony.  Thanks were given to the countless staff members who contributed to the success of this important event, particularly those in Security, Grounds and Roads, the Paint Shop and Hospitality Services. 


Mr. Sanborn reported renovations on Murklund Hall Auditorium begin today with a 3 pm kick-off event.  Ed Ouellette asked about funding for University renovations and Mr. Sanborn confirmed the University has secured $100 million to be used over the next 6 years for renovations and will return to future legislative sessions to request the additional  $85 million necessary to complete the projects. 


Mr. Sanborn stated Dr. Joan Leitzel will serve as University President until July 1 at which time Dr. Ann Weaver Hart will assume the responsibility of President.  She and her husband are traveling from California and should arrive in New Hampshire by July 10th.


In addition, Mr. Sanborn reported the University Trustees will meet on June 27th and reminded council members an invitation has been extended to all operating staff to attend the open session if they so desire.


 Reports from Standing Committees


Ř      Transportation:  Ms. Couture stated Candace Corvey presented the committee with a synopsis of the data gathered at three recent open forums on parking.  There are no major changes being recommended at this time.  However, the committee will continue to research the issue and gather additional data on fees, garage costs, security for remote lots, etc., and make recommendations for a resolution by the first of the year.   Mr. Ouellette recommended the Transportation Committee consider abandoning the shared bicycle program due to a perceived of a lack of interest in the program.


Ř      SPPC:  Nicole Runde reported the committee has concluded its work for the summer and will reconvene in September.


Ř      Compensation and Benefits:  Belinda Camire reported survey questions regarding the donor sick pool have been distributed for feedback.  The committee is collecting data and will report the results as they become available.  Ms. Camire will also contact the PAT Council Compensation and Benefits Committee in an attempt to combine the efforts of the two groups.


Ř      Development:  Karin Coe distributed copies of the May 13, 2002 Newsweek article titled “Paying Up for Quality Care” to council members.  In addition, a list of names from the Speaker’s Bureau was circulated and council members were asked to indicate their preferences for future guest speakers.


Ř      Executive:  Ms. Couture reported the committee met last week at which time Ms. Coe recommended the standing committees temporarily cease to meet in order to collectively work on cost containment.  The council unanimously approved this recommendation.


Other Business


Ms. Couture reported Ms. Coe will serve as a representative on the campus Aesthetics Committee.  Mark Ernst suggested the Grounds and Roads Department be consulted when considering campus installations.  Mr. Sanborn noted departments should contact Billy Ponders if they have installation proposals.


Ms. Couture reported the recent OS Council self-evaluation was positive and applauded the council’s commitment to and communication with constituents.  She noted the OS website has been extremely helpful in this regard (http://www.unh.edu/os-council/index.html).  The survey also identified donor sick pool, bereavement, and benefit cost containment as the top issues to be addressed in the upcoming year. 

Ms. Couture encouraged council members to continue to be actively involved and asked council members to attend the June 27th Trustees meeting at the New England Center.


Ms. Couture shared a memo from Mark Laliberte regarding the delay in the distribution of new parking passes.  She noted a printing error was responsible for the delay and the program will resume once the error has been corrected.


She also noted a questionnaire has been distributed regarding changes to the new employee orientation program.  As information becomes available, Ms. Couture will share it with the council.


Mr. Ouellette shared a memo he received from Arlene Canney regarding the donor sick pool.  The author suggested the length of time required to access sick pool time be reduced to 3 days.  Ms. Demers noted any proposals for changes to the sick pool policy should be submitted to Human Resources for consideration.   


In conclusion, Ms. Demers reported formulas for calculating employee contributions for health care costs have been presented for a vote.  Results of that decision are forthcoming.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 am.


Respectfully submitted, Wendy Rappa


Next meeting: August 7th in the Trustees Board Room, Thompson Hall.