Minutes of Monthly Meeting

January 2, 2002


Council members present: Abby Archila, District 1; Mark Ernst, District 5; Julie Johnson-Dubois, District 6; Marie Hanson, District 7; Karin Coe, (vice chair) District 8; Erika Clifford (recorder), District 10; Darcy Azzarella, District 11; Ginette Couture (chair), District 13; Shirley Norton, District 14; Belinda Camire, District 15; Madeline Slocum, District 16; Dwain Lozier, At-large; Nicole Runde, At-Large


Council members absent: Karen Mars, District 9; Matt Price, District 4; Barbara Bailey, District 12; Wendy Rappa, At-Large;


Ex-Officios:      Gloria VanBeaver        

Gregg Sanborn, Presidents Office

Deborah Carr, HR Representative

Lori Gula, Campus Journal


The council voted to approve the December minutes.


The Council voted Ed Ouellete to the council for District 2.





Gloria VanBeaver-AOP Representative


Gloria informed us that the annual AOP conference would be held March 22nd and that it would be in the same format as it was last year with a keynote speaker, 23ish workshops (choose one in the morning, and one in the afternoon), and included will be the gourmet lunch.  She would like us to brainstorm ideas for disseminating information about the AOP to all departments including those departments with hard to reach employees that may or may not have access to email.  Thoughts or ideas on this can be emailed to her.


Gregg Sanborn, Presidents Office


Gregg updated the council on the progress of the Presidential Search.  The search committee has met a few times in December and will meet again 1/25 to narrow candidate pool and coordinate offsite interviews with those candidates further narrowing the pool to about 4-6 candidates.  The 4-6 candidates will then be brought to campus for another interview in March.


Gregg met with representatives from the PAT and OS councils to discuss the councils annual orientation program. Tentative dates for the orientation are 2/6 or 2/13.  Requested a volunteer to assist in coordinating the orientation.  Mark Ernst volunteered to be the OS rep.


Deborah Carr, HR Representative


Informed the council that information is on the way to supervisors and the Campus Journal regarding the approved pilot program for the non-tuition waiver. Deb also advised the Council that a representative from the council should always attend the SPPC meetings and an alternate representative should be selected to ensure that representation is maintained.  HR is looking for recommendations on the information regarding benefits cost containment.


Lori Gula from the Campus Journal


Lori is new to the Campus Journal as of today so anyone who needs to advertise something in CJ please contact her.


Other discussion:


Ginette attended a committee meeting being held for development of the new Orientation Program and would like any ideas folks may have on the program to send them her way. 


Council members chose the committees they would be working on.


Compensation and Benefits: Committee will work on Compression-Shift Differential and when Donor Sick Pool is back on the table will pick that up again.  Committee members are: Mark Ernst; Belinda Carlisle, Chair; and Nicole Runde;


Communications-Committee will work on tweaking website now that it is up and running; working on brainstorming ideas for advertising information pertaining to the council in a variety of ways that will encompass all of its constituents; work on opening communication and participation with UNHM by planning at least twice a year to hold a meeting in Manchester. Committee members are: Darcy Azzarella; Erika Clifford; Madeline Slocum; and Shirley Norton, Chair.


Development-Committee will work on ideas for various workshops (i.e. PAT vs. OS, Breaking down the Barriers) on specific topics possibly utilizing various faculty members on campus as a resource for the workshops. Committee members are: Karin Coe, Chair; Abby Archila; Dwain Lozier; and Marie Hanson.


SPPC-system wide council made up from all campuses that meet quarterly in Bow at CLL.  Lonn Sattler is the representative of this council and the alternate rep. is Nicole Runde.  Next SPPC meeting is January 17, 2002.


Transportation- Julie Johnson-Dubois will continue to be the OS representative on the Transportation Committee and will keep us updated on the information put out at the transportation meetings.


Acceptance of the revised ET and Payoff policy.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Erika Clifford


Next meeting: Feb. 6th