Operating Staff Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

Feb. 7, 2001


Council Members Present:  Cathy Ebert, District 16; Ginette Couture, District 13; John Bolton, District 1; Dick Swasey, (vice-chair) member-at-large; Sharon Gordon, (chair) District 6; Belinda Camire, District 15; Karin Coe, District 8; Shirley Norton, District 14; Lois Morris, District 11; Flora Joyal, District 7, Debbie Anderson, (recorder) District 9


Absent:  Paul Dean, member-at-large; Mark Ernst, District 5


Ex Officios:       Gregg Sanborn, President’s Office

                        Janet Doty, Human Resources Representative

                        Lonn Sattler, SPPC


January minutes approved




Janet Doty, Human Resources

1)      needs 3 operating staff people to serve on the President’s Award of Excellence Review Committee.  The Presidential Award of Excellence is an annual award of $1000 given to 1 operating staff member, 1 pat staff member, and 1 extension educator.  The award is given to the person who goes above and beyond in making contributions to the University.  The committee will review the nominations.  If you know of someone that would be interested in serving on this committee please contact Sharon Demers at Human Resources.


2)Reminder of the AOP Conference on March 15 for the Administrative Office Personnel. The Conference is open to all operating staff and administrative staff. You can register on-line. Information will be coming in the mail.


3)The Holidays & Closings 2001 schedule has been changed to include Monday, Dec. 31 as a day that university offices will be closed.  Vacation/earned time will be used for this day.


4)The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch has been offering discounts to UNH employees. More information can be found on the Human Resources notice on the web: http://unhinfo.unh.edu/hr/events and click on the link for the Balsams.


5)March 1 is the deadline to submit an application for the Staff Professional Development Grant Program.  The grant award is for $750 and can be used to attend conferences, workshop, and courses not offered within the UNH system.  Forms can be downloaded from the Human Resources web-site (http://unhinfo.unh.edu/hr/)  Also, PDQ (Position Description Questionnaires) are now on-line and are inter-active and can be completed and sent electronically.


Gregg Sanborn-President’s Office

1)Reminder of the OS/PAT orientation meeting on Feb. 14. President Leitzel will be joining us in the afternoon session.


2)Computing & Information Services (CIS) – Bob Cape, Assistant Vice-President is working with the Academic Computer Advisory Committee – they have developed a draft of an Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology. Bob Cape is asking the respective councils, various committees, staff throughout the university to review that draft policy and give feedback to him – prior to making any final recommendations to the President.  The draft policy is on-line.  This is an intent to clarify what is an acceptable use for computers. Sharon will forward to us the email with the web-site


3)Facilities-During the last snowstorm, the Grounds & Roads crew worked anywhere from 12 –24 hours to clean up the campus. Gregg would like the OS council to pass a resolution thanking the Grounds & Roads crew for the excellent work in cleaning up the campus.  Everyone agreed it was an excellent idea and Sharon volunteered to write the letter.


Discussion items:


1)Compensation & Benefits Committee-Ginette-The committee hasn’t met yet. They will meet today after the regular meeting adjourns. The Feb. 14 orientation meeting will give us a chance to meet with the PAT to possibly set up a meeting to discuss mutual issues.


2)Communication-Lois-The committee be meeting today after the regular meeting adjourns. They are working on suggestions presented by Sharon at last months meeting. Flora is working on getting some information from Human Resources. The voice-mail system-still working on getting that set up-having difficulty accessing the system.


3)Development-Belinda-The committee has met once. Working on training and how that would affect people. Also looking at the Survey that had been done last year. Don’t want to duplicate something that has been done already.


4)Transportation-Margaret Berry will be attending those meetings as our representative. Some of the issues that the Transportation Committee is working on is:

a)campus master plan   b)development & implementation of an origin & destination study for the Durham campus. c)established committee meetings for the next year  d)presentation to the committee regarding statistical review of the number of parking & service permits issued  e)conduct a comprehensive review of the university’s progress regarding handicapped permits  f)status update towards recommendation included with the 99-00 UNH Transportation Policy Committee Review  g)proposed changes to the Winter Parking Ban  h)developing a Transportation Committee Web-Site


Announcements from Sharon

NHPTV – The annual spring pledge drive begins Mar 3 – Mar 18 and they are looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please contact Nancy Normile, Manage of Volunteers and Customer Service at:  Nnormile@nhptv.unh.edu


Feb. 14 OS/PAT orientation meeting.

A little different format will be used this year. Past chairs will be there in the am session to address where the council left off and then set an agenda for the new year.  1)why you volunteered to serve on the council 2)what is your suggestion or ideas that you would like to see the council address.

The afternoon session will be combined councils in small groups-will be able to see if both councils have mutual issues to address. President Leitzel will then be coming in at 2:45 to speak to us and listen to our ideas and suggestions.


Lonn Sattler – representative from the SPPC - handed out a draft for the proposed Jury Duty for

Operating Staff.  This proposal is to grant full jury duty coverage of Operating Staff without requiring earned time to be used for jury duty service and without reducing the current earned time accrual rates.  This coverage would be provided in exchange for an increase in the minimum usage of earned time by 2 days per year as outlined below:





Years of Service                                                                       Minimum Usage per year

Date of hire up to 6 years                                                          from 10 days to 12 days

6 years up to 12 years                                                              from 12 days to 14 days

12 years up to 18 years                                                            from 14 days to 16 days

18 years and over                                                                     from 16 days to 18 days


Hopefully this will be a plan that everyone will benefit from. Lonn needs input from us and Sharon urged everyone to email or send a hard copy to our constituents. 


The meeting was adjourned – motion made by Lois, seconded by Kathy.

Next meeting will be March 7.


Submitted by,

Debbie Anderson, Recorder