Minutes of Monthly Meeting

February 6, 2002


Council members present: Abby Archila, District 1; Mark Ernst, District 5; Julie Johnson-Dubois, District 6; Marie Hanson, District 7; Karin Coe, (vice chair) District 8; Erika Clifford (recorder), District 9; Karen Mars, District 10; Darcy Azzarella, District 11; Ginette Couture (chair), District 13; Shirley Norton, District 14; Belinda Camire, District 15; Madeline Slocum, District 16; Dwain Lozier, At-large; Nicole Runde, At-Large; Wendy Rappa, At-Large


Ex-Officios: Holly Wellstead, HR Representative

Lori Gula, Campus Journal




Holly Wellstead, HR Representative


HR is preparing an article for CJ regarding the Non-Tuition Assistance Pilot program. Nancy Hamer has designed the waiver forms, which will be available in March for use beginning with April 8th summer session registration.


Street Smart is a new one time offered training program being held on 2/22. Cost is $25 to register. It is an all day session from 9-5. The goal of the training is to give participants a sense of how to deal with difficult people in non-violent ways.


Reports from Standing Committees


      Compensation and Benefits: Committee will send Sick Pool Donor Program research to David Butler per his request. Madaline had a meeting with Manchester staff and they had concerns with Earned time as it pertains to Bereavement. The issue of Bereavement and earned time was put on benefits plate for review.


      Communications: Committee will be taking a OS Council group photo at Marchs meeting to be placed on the website. Date for proposed meeting to be held in Manchester was tentatively set for Mays meeting. Madeline will report back to us on that date. Committee was asked to contact Nan Sherry at HR letting her know what literature the council would like to have put on the literature table during the AOP Conference.


      Development-Committee has not had a chance to meet but will meet following the Councils meeting.


      SPPC-Will be meeting on 2/25. Nicole is the alternate and will attend 2/25 meeting.


      Transportation- Julie had a lot of information to disseminate pertinent to the Transportation Committee.

                                                                                 i.            Renovations to Kingsbury, which will result in a loss of 83 spots located around Kingsbury. Renovations to begin within 15 months. Parking space loss should not adversely affect the parking situation as CIS folks will have already moved out to the Leavitt Center location.

                                                                               ii.            All parking permits will be replaced in July 2002.

                                                                              iii.            Nov. marked the first carpooling day. 113 parking spaces in A-Lot were reserved for folks who carpooled to work with at least 2-3 people. Refreshments were offered to participants of carpooling day. More carpooling days will be planned in the future.

The committee tossed around the following ideas for resolving some of the parking issue:

                                                                                 i.            Vans to be made available for use of carpooling. Van to stay at designated individuals house to be used for picking up other members. A parking space would be reserved for the van. This plan would be 50% federally funded. To cover the other 50% of the cost van pooling would have some type of fee.

                                                                               ii.            Three tier commuter-pricing program.

                                                                              iii.            Should grads, hourly, teaching assistants have different permits? Currently they hold a staff permit.

                                                                             iv.            Looking at changes to streets, lanes, and lights. Meeting with the town on looking at traffic lights, eliminating left hand turns out of Nesmith, putting another lane in the NH Hall area, increasing visibility of the crosswalks.

Other Discussion


Candace Corvey & David Butler will be at the March meeting and will address Benefits Cost Containment.


Ginette reported that the OS & PAT Recognition Program will remain separate and the dates will be set within the next 2 weeks.


Karen Mars & Belinda Camire volunteered to assist with AOP Conference in March.


No council meeting in July.


Karin Coe met with Donna Sorrentino and reps from Grounds and Roads, and Housekeeping in regards to ice/snow on the walkways making them hazardous. Housekeeping is responsible for main entrances of all doorways, staircases, and walkways, out to a point where the Grounds crew can plow them with a tractor, usually 10 feet. Grounds are responsible for all areas beyond 10 feet. However due to the low number of Grounds crew to covering the entire campus what can folks do to assist in sanding walkways? Depts. may call for a bucket of sand to be put by the doorways so that folks coming and going can toss some sand down if the walkway is slippery and treacherous.


The council voted to approve the January minutes.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Erika Clifford


Next meeting: March 6th