Minutes of Monthly Meeting

December 5, 2001


Council members present: Mark Ernst, District 5; Julie Johnson-Dubois, District 6; Karin Coe, (vice chair) District 8; Erika Clifford (recorder), District 9; Karen Mars, District 10; Darcy Azzarella, District 11; Ginette Couture (chair), District 13; Shirley Norton, District 14; Belinda Camire, District 15; Madeline Slocum, District 16; Dwain Lozier, At-large; Wendy Rappa, At-Large; Nicole Runde, At-Large


Council members absent: Abby Archila, District 1; Matt Price, District 4; Marie Hanson, District 7; Barbara Bailey, District 12;


Ex-Officios:      President Leitzel           

Gregg Sanborn, Presidents Office

Janet Doty, HR Representative


The council voted to approve the November minutes.


Sharon welcomed a prospective member Ed Ouellete to the council.  He would be voted in to the council in January for District 2 if he chooses to serve on the council, leaving only one District (District 3) vacant.


Doctor Leitzel stopped in momentarily to express her thanks and appreciation to the outgoing members of the council for the hard work and dedication they contributed to the council, and to the new members her well wishes for the upcoming year.


Sharon and Debbie said goodbye to the council, as this is their last month with the council.


Council voted in Ginette Couture as the new chair; Karin Coe as vice chair and Erika Clifford as recorder.




Gregg Sanborn, Presidents Office


Gregg discussed the Presidential Search.  The search committee will have offsite interviews with candidates to maintain candidate confidentiality.  They will then narrow the candidate pool to about 10-14 candidates hopefully by March 14th bringing them in for interviews on campus. The search committee hopes to make recommendations of candidate selection by April 1st  in line with Doctor Leitzels retirement date of June 30.


Janet Doty, HR Representative


Informed the council that information is on the way from the benefits office regarding federal changes for 2002 to the additional retirement contributions as well as to the Graduate tuition waiver.  Effective January 2002 graduate tuition waiver benefits will no longer be taxed for USNH employees.  Be on the lookout for a letter from the benefits office detailing the changes. Please call your HR contact if you have any questions regarding the changes.


Other discussion:


Discussed duties of the various committees and described what each committee represents.


Compensation and Benefits-working towards sick pool donor program (currently on hold).  Recently passed Jury duty benefits after years of working at it. 


Communications-website development in progress, discussed some various methods for communicating OS council happenings to constituents. (i.e. quarterly newsletter, electronic newsletter etc..)


Development-in the past has worked on OS professional development initiatives.  Would like to continue in that direction.


SPPC-system wide council made up from all campuses that meet quarterly.  Lonn Sattler is the representative of this council and he communicates to us periodically with what is happening with SPPC.  Policies ultimately go through SPPC for input.


Transportation-data pertaining to the maintenance costs of parking per space, building a parking structure, number of passes issued and the number of spaces available and potential ideas for handling parking issues was printed in the 11/30 campus journal.  Julie handed out a financial review of the transportation services to the council. Julie Johnson-Dubois will continue to be the OS representative on the Transportation Committee.


Members will be choosing which committee they would like to serve on and then the chairs of each committee will be selected at the January meeting.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,   Erika Clifford


Next meeting: Jan. 2nd