Operating Staff Council Meeting minutes
December 7, 2005 (amended 2-26-06)


Members in attendance: Steve Hunter, Toni Searles, Jason Brodeur, Lori Parent, Jim Layne, Julie Johnson-Dubois
Absent: Jen Dube, Doreen Palmer, Charlene Hill, Geri Sanders
Guests: Lonn Sattler- SPPC, Martha Leighton-HHS, April Damon-CIS, Lisa Wilder-English


Agenda Items

SPPC Updates- Lonn Sattler
Lonn updated the group on forthcoming and ongoing SPPC initiatives including the development of a Fraud Policy, language updates to the FMLA and Compassionate Leave policies, research into Health Savings Accounts. To read more about SPPC activities, visit http://www.usnhhr.unh.edu/sppc.html


Officer Elections
The election was held for the 2006 Chair position. Jason Brodeur was unanimously elected.

Review of Representative Roles and Responsibilities/Q&A
The below roles and responsibilities of Council Reps were reviewed with the guests who were interested in joining the Council. Current representatives spoke of their experience on the Council and answered questions from the guests.


Duties and Responsibilities of a Staff Council Member


We are an advisory committee to the President.

We gather information.

We disseminate information.

To the best of our collective ability, we advocate for our constituent interests.

We attempt to act as a ‘Watch dog' group for all Staff.

Finally, we will act deliberately on the behalf of the constituent interests, consulting them as necessary to determine their desires/concerns and the direction we should take to help them.


Reminder: next regular OSC meeting TBD after Joint Council Planning Meeting on 1/31/06.