Operating Staff Council Meeting- December ’03



Members in attendance: Karin Coe, Stephanie Higgs, Julie Johnson Dubois, Darcey Coffta, Toni Searles, Jennifer Dube, Shirley Norton, Lori Parent


Guests: Lori Gula- Campus Journal, Sharon Demers- HR, Kathryn Stuart- PAT Council, Lon Sattler-SPPC, Petr Brym- Telecom Client Services



Meeting for January:

Tuesday, Jan 6th, 8:30-10:00, T-Hall Board of Trustees Room


Overview of Wireless Policy Proposal (and other notices) (Petr Brym): Peter informed the group that the Fall had been “horrendous” for worldwide email viruses. Email is slowed as UNH intercepts these viruses and also sends virus notifications to users. For the 5-6 most common viruses (which account for ~90% of the viruses which hit us), notifications will be blocked so email won’t get bogged down. For the other 10% of viruses intercepted, notifications will continue to be sent. FYI to all- UNH receives ~900,000 bogus emails/month and ~5,000 emails are received each HOUR when a virus attacks!  Please note: because UNH has a policy to not read email  (without VP approval), there is a very small possibility that valid email to an individual may be blocked. The UNH info web page tells which emails are blocked (www.unh.) Petr stated that it is important to protect your desktop as well since the servers are protected but if laptops are used out of the office and then connected to a desktop here, whatever is on that laptop can get into the desktop.

 Wireless Policy Proposal: (for more detail, see www.unh.edu/cis/wp.html) This project began in 3/03 to address issues around the use of wireless technology. The proposal addresses the following: 1) the challenge facing UNH re wireless technology, 2) the purpose of a wireless policy- to avoid chaos and conflict and to document the principles of “fair use,” 3) to prevent problems by increasing the understanding of potential issues around wireless use, and 4)) to establish problem resolution guidelines- to use the Technology Policy Planning Group (TPPG) and “appropriate UNH authorities,” if needed, to resolve problems. Thus far, the proposal has been approved by the TPPG and is awaiting support from the OS and PAT Councils and the Faculty and Student Senates. Once this support is obtained, the proposal can move forward.


Sub-Committee/Task Force Reports: (if anyone has concerns or questions about any of the below topics, please send an email to or call the Council reps working on that issue)


Lonn/Sharon (SPPC)- at the last SPPC meeting, the following was discussed:

1) the second round of cost containment ideas which included:

- Long-Term Disability: UNH would pay only UNH’s share of the retirement benefit while employees are on LTD (currently UNH pays both its share and the employee’s)

- increasing under-65-retirees’ contribution to medical benefits, increasing retirees’ co-pay for prescription drugs, reducing the payout for Earned Time upon retirement, increasing the out-of-pocket cost for medical expenses, reducing the benefits schedule for lifetime medical

- instituting “select provider” discounts

- providing discounts for employees who complete the health risk appraisal


2) A formal proposal drafted by Joan Tambling (with input from the PAT and OS Councils) which includes:

- use of an OS employee’s sick pool and a PAT employee’s sick leave for the birth or adoption of a child (4 weeks). This four weeks of (paid) leave is in addition to any other use of sick pool or sick time.

* The question was raised re the possibility of converting earned time to sick pool more than once/year. This would enable employees to better use this benefit and to plan better for births/adoptions.

- use of up to 5 days of sick pool/sick time for family members (defined as spouse/partner, children/stepchildren/children of spouse/partner or parents). This does not require the use of 5 days of earned time/annual leave prior to using it. This benefit is seen as a win-win for UNH and employees since it converts payable earned time to sick pool (potentially less payout) and provides a benefit requested by employees).

- the SPPC needs a new OS member to replace Nicole Runde. This offer is extended to all OS employees.  If interested, please contact Lonn Sattler at 2-1595.   


Julie Johnson-Dubois (Transportation)- the Transportation Committee received updates on the Campus Master Plan and on the Main St and College Road proposals. Please see the appropriate websites for more info.


Elections:  The Recorder position remains unfilled. The Council agreed to handle this role on a rotating basis.



HR- for this year’s winter break, employees will need to use only 2 earned time/annual days: 12/30 and 12/31. The early closing on 12/24 is a “freebie!” If anyone is out that day, only a 1/2 day should be charged. Jan 2nd is also a “freebie.”  The Compassionate Leave proposal is in the hands of Joan Tambling- we are awaiting final feedback and still hoping for a 1/1 pilot date.

Campus Journal: last issue for the year will be on 12/12. Presidential debate for Tues., 12/9 will be broadcast on C-Span since no tickets are available to the UNH community.