Operating Staff Council

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

April 4, 2001


Council members present:  Ginette Couture, District 13; Flora Joyal, District 7; Belinda Camire, District 15; Mark Ernst, District 5; Sharon Gordon, (chair) District 6; Dick Swasey (vice-chair) member-at-large; Karin Coe, District 8; Debbie Anderson, (recorder) District 9

Shirley Norton, District 14.

Absent:  Lois Morris, District 11 (on vacation); Cathy Ebert, District 16 (on vacation);

Paul Dean, member-at-large.


Ex-Officios:      Jen Vento, Campus Journal

                        Deb Carr, Human Resources

                        Sharon Demers, Human Resources

                        Gregg Sanborn, President’s office

                        Lonn Satler, SPPC


February and March minutes approved


Discussion items


·        Deb Carr, Human Resources

A reminder that the Operating Staff recognition ceremony will be held April 26

in the Strafford Room of the MUB.  The PAT recognition ceremony will be held

May 17 in the Granite State Room of the MUB.  Deb also reminded the council of

the Human Resources web site especially to check the announcements section.



·        Sick Leave Donor Pool

Ginette Couture handed out a draft of a letter from one of her constituents with a suggested formula for the sick leave donor pool.  Ginette felt that is was important to bring this letter to the table to show that there is genuine interest and confirm that people on campus are thinking of how this donor pool could work. Sharon Gordon echoed that thought that this issue is near and dear to just about everyone on campus.  Sharon attended a meeting with David Butler. He is putting together a committee to work on the sick leave donor pool.  There are already 2 PAT people on the committee and 2 OS are needed to serve. Sharon Gordon and Flora Joyal

volunteered to serve on the committee.  Jean Irvine from HR will be heading up this committee.


·        Thank-you letters to Roads & Grounds and Essential Personnel

Sharon sent out copies (to OS council members) of the Thank-you letters that went out to Roads & Grounds and all essential personnel that worked during the recent March snowstorm. Sharon stated there was an overwhelming response from Dining and Roads & Grounds to our letter. 

Sharon thanked the OS council members for supporting this effort.


·        Appointment of a Timekeeper

The idea for a timekeeper has been suggested. This will keep us focused on the issues of

the agenda.  Assign a time frame for each item on the agenda and if time permits, return to an item if more discussion is needed.  A 15 minute time limit for each agenda item was

suggested.  A motion was made by Belinda and all approved. The motion passed.





·        Vacancies on the OS Council

The council brainstormed on ways to fill the current vacancies.

Some idea were:           1)Create a flyer or poster that could be distributed to areas where there is no representation. 

2)Visit areas in person-find out time of staff meetings

3)Contact Dept. secretaries

Sharon suggested that people choose a district that is vacant to contact. Sharon will contact

Housekeeping, Districts 3 & 4; Dick will contact Dining, District 2. People can email Sharon

with their choice of which district they would like to contact.


Due to the number of vacancies, Sharon suggested the council have just two committees. The council felt that the Benefits & Compensation and Communications should be the two main

Committees and that the Development committee go on hold until we fill the vacancies and can increase our membership.


Committee reports:


·        Compensation & Benefits: Committee is meeting after the regular meeting. Major discussion will be on the sick leave pool issue.  Possibly contact our constituents to get feedback as to what is important to them.  Committee will work on a list of questions that the OS council representatives will bring to the Sick Leave Pool Committee.


·        Communications: Flora has downloaded the Web site and is now ready to update.  Debbie Anderson will email the council minutes for Jan., Feb. & March.


·        Development: The committee will be on hold until vacancies can be filled. The committee has been working on a presentation for the AOP Brown Bag Lunch in October. The skit will focus on Customer Service.


·        Transportation: no report


·        Lonn Satler – SPPC rep.


Lonn handed out a new conceptual change for the Distribution of Retirement Income Policy- If anyone has anything that they would like him to add to the list, please let him know.


Jury Duty – will be voted on soon, and it looks good for approval.


Lonn - needs an alternate from the OS to serve on the SPPC.  There are 5 meetings

a year.  The meetings are held in Bow. Please contact Lonn is you are interested in




Respectfully submitted,


Debra Anderson



Next meeting: May 2