Operating Staff Council Meeting – April 6, 2004



Members in attendance: Stephanie Higgs, Jennifer Dube, Shirley Norton, Lori Parent, Doreen Palmer, Patrice MacNevin, Toni Searles, Jim Layne, Charlene Hill, Gerri Sanders, Mark Ernst, Julie Johnson-Dubois


Guests:  Pat Gormley-President’s Office-Affirmative Action, Vilmarie Sanchez-HR, Ann Driscoll- staff development consultant, Lon Sattler-SPPC, Phil Hammond- PAT Council, Sharon Keeler-Campus Journal



OS Recognition Day: May 4th

AOP Conference: May 27th  

Next regular meeting: Monday, May 10th, 10:00-11:30am, Board of Trustees Room, T-Hall


Review of Draft Revisions of UNH Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy (Pat Gormley):

UNH’s full Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy can be found at http://www.unh.edu/affirmativeaction/dhpolicy.htm.

Complete information about UNH’s Complaint and Grievance Process can be found at: http://www.unh.edu/hr/empl-rel.htm#FAIR.

Pat gave an executive summary of the proposed changes to the Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy (DDHP) including whom it covers (UNH employees and students as well as, in some cases, third parties (ie job applicants)), the reasons for the proposed revisions (including disparate existing versions and the need for clarity in several areas (ie how the informal process works)), and a summary of the major changes. Pat stated that there is no change to the underlying rights and responsibilities of employees ands students and reinforced that the administrative proceedings encompassed by the Policy are not “trials.” In answer to a few questions from the Council, she clarified that the accuser does not ever have to directly confront the person he/she is accusing and that the investigative process includes getting the perspectives of both the accuser and the one accused. She and Vilmarie Sanchez directed employees to the above websites if they have questions and/or concerns about either/both the DDHP or the Complaint and Grievance Process, and both encouraged employees to call or email them directly. 

Due to the unfinished discussion about these policies and processes, both HR and Pat Gormley will be presenting again at the Council’s May meeting.


Overview of Supervising @ UNH program (in development) (Ann Driscoll):

Ann reviewed the goals and elements of this program as well as the proposed content outline. One of the overarching aims is “increasing the leadership capacity of UNH by enlarging the management skills of UNH managers and supervisors.” In contrast to the Managing @ UNH program, this program’s target participants will be those supervisors who have recently transitioned into an entry-level or front-line supervisory role, those who have never had formal supervisory skills training, and/or those whose primary responsibility is front-line supervision. The program will consist of 5 full days of training spread out over 5-6 months. The purpose of spreading the days out is to help the participants build a collegial group and to enable them to try out their new skills and have an opportunity to report back. The curriculum is intended to help participants develop skills in the following three core competencies: Supervising Others; UNH Culture, Policy and Procedure; and Self-Awareness. Responding to a Council rep’s question, Ann stated that the program is technically optional, but that participants are recommended by their Deans/Directors and the managers to whom they report. Given the enthusiastic participant response from the Managing @ UNH program, Ann stated that she is confident and excited about a similarly positive response from the Supervising @ UNH program. She stated that there are skill development courses offered through DCE for those employees who are not in a supervisory role but wish to someday be in one.



Status of Family Friendly and Cost Containment Policy Proposals (Lonn and Steph):
Lonn informed the group that the Council’s feedback from constituents regarding these proposals was shared at the SPPC meeting, but discussion time was limited. The questions about cost and tradeoffs remain. Stephanie and Lonn will be meeting with the Chairs of the PAT and EE Councils in mid-April to further discuss these proposals and determine next steps re meeting with the USNH and UNH HR offices. The proposals and the cost containment proposals remain on our website.  Please email or contact your representative if you have questions, concerns or input.


Update on Compassionate Leave:

This program is up and running. For more information about how to request donated leave, or to donate leave, please visit the HR website and find Compassionate Leave under the Policies drop-down menu.





Constituent Concerns/Questions:

- re Bereavement Leave, a constituent requested a further exploration of allowing OS to take this leave, separate from Earned Time. Stephanie responded that this will a part of the overall benefits review she hopes to continue this year.

- re curtailed operations and Grounds and Roads personnel being deemed “essential personnel”- request to explore the policy on this to ensure that these employees are treated fairly re compensatory time or extra pay. Stephanie said she would look into this with Administration.