Minutes of Monthly Meeting

April 3, 2002


Council members present: Ed Ouellette, District 2; Marie Hanson, District 7; Karin Coe, District 8; Erika Clifford (recorder), District 9; Karen Mars, District 10; Darcy Coffta, District 11; Ginette Couture (chair), District 13; Shirley Norton, District 14; Belinda Camire, District 15; Madeline Slocum, District 16; Nicole Runde, At-Large; Dwain Lozier, At-large; Lonn Sattler

Council members absent: Abby Archila, District 1; Scott Healey, District 3; Mark Ernst, District 5; Julie Johnson-Dubois, District 6; Wendy Rappa, At-large.


Ex-Officios: Deb Carr and David Butler, HR

Lori Gula, Campus Journal

Tom Brennan & Skip Burns-Students

Dirk Timmons, Irv Canner, Tom Kelly, Stephen Pesci-Transportation Committee Members


Tom Brennan spoke about Ben Thompson Day, which is a day set aside to cleaning up the campus. He hopes to increase involvement by all parties affiliated with the University; faculty, staff, and students alike to have a fun day of working together in a collaborative effort at cleaning the campus. Ben Thompson Day will be on 4/24 from 12:00-3:00pm. The committee working on organizing this day will be sending out posters with a phone # and email address that folks can reference for information. Registration can take place prior to the event or on the day of the event.


Skip Burns is a rep. for the Student Government Body at the MUB. The function of the MUB Student Government Body is to give input to changes made at the MUB. The body is made up of primarily students but have some vacant seats for staff participation. Currently there are vacant seats that need to be filled. They meet typically on Tues. evenings twice monthly from 7pm-9pm although meetings generally only go for an hour. They do not meet in the summer. If interested in participating on the body, call the office at 2-1714 or email jpburns@cisunix.unh.edu. The body requests a two-year commitment and has acknowledged that a seat may be shared by two individuals sharing the responsibility.


Stephen Pesci presented the proposals the transportation committee have put together. The proposals are in the preliminary stages and can be built upon. The goals of the transportation committee are to create a healthy and safe way for transportation to happen at the University while also offering choices to folks, efficiency, fairness and cost effectiveness. Anyone interested may go to www.unh.edu/parking/TPC/index.htm to see the preliminary policy explaining all of the ideas, and proposals of the committee. They hope to receive final feedback prior to commencement. There will be info. sessions about these proposals at the MUB theatres on 4/17 at 2:30 and 4/25 at 12:30.


Reports from Standing Committees


      Compensation and Benefits: Did not meet this month.


      Communications: Email communication had begun to be drafted regarding benefits cost containment with the idea of every council member sending to constituents the same email information. A communication plan was drafted as to how to go about relaying the information to constituents.


      Development-Would like to have information sessions, possibly titled Whats up Doc? Will check into inviting Kate Ferreria to council meeting in May at Manchester, possibly follow with Pat Madsen for June meeting. Would like to begin a brown bag in the Fall.


      SPPC- No meeting held to report on.


      Transportation-Transportation committee attended and presented proposals.


Other Discussion


Deb Carr reminded us of the OS Recognition Program to be held 4/16 11-12:30pm. Also Sick Pool Conversion happens during the month of May for anyone who would like to convert their Earned Time into Sick Pool. Lastly the HR website announcements link is updated regularly to reflect any new happenings going on with Benefits so please check the link periodically.

Ginette asked if we would like to present a throw as a going away gift to Pres. Leitzel at the OS Recognition Program. Anyone interested in contributing towards the gift please see Ginette.


Faculty Senate requested we look at the smoking policy and respond by tomorrow.


Kathrn Stuart will be the PAT Council rep. who will attend our Council meetings. Likewise the OS Council should have a member to sit on the PAT Council meetings. Anyone willing to be the OS rep please let Ginette know. Another idea was to rotate council members to attend the PAT Council meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted, Erika Clifford


Next meeting: May 8th at UNHM-Meet at T-Hall parking lot at 8:00am to be bussed to Manchester. Return time will be approximately noon time.