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Resources for Students


The Diversity Support Coalition (DSC) is an "umbrella" for six student organizations dedicated to supporting and fostering multiculturalism, diversity, social justice, equity, and inclusion at UNH. DSC consists of six member groups:

The Delta Xi Phi (DXP) multicultural sorority focuses on a main goal of promoting the diversity of all women. The 5 pillars that DXP women stand by and strive to achieve everyday are: Friendship, Sisterhood, Community Service, The Advancement of Women in Higher Education, and promote Multicultural Awareness. For more information, click here or visit the official DXP website.

Arab Cultural Club welcomes students studying Arabic and promote Arab culture.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association introduces the Chinese culture to UNH and help the Chinese students and scholars adapt to the American culture and society.

Korean Culture Club introduces many different aspects of the Korean culture to the general student body through meetings, discussions, and cultural events.

The Muslim Students Association assists UNH Muslims in their practice of Islam and to improve the University community's knowledge of the religion.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a recognized professional society on the UNH campus, that provides an academic, as well as a professional and social support system for multi-cultural students in the S.T.E.M. fields.

The Committee on Rights and Justice (CORAJ) partners UNH students with local immigrant families to help them with the naturalization process.

Organic Garden Club cultivates a campus-community organic farm based on promoting social, economic, environmental and agricultural sustainability.

Oxfam UNH creates an awareness of global hunger, poverty, and social injustice here at UNH, and to create a constituency of active, compassionate students and community members who use their voices to create effective global change.

Peace Justice League spreads awareness about Peace and Social Justice Issues on campus and around the world.

The Stonewall Grads provides a supportive, open-minded environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, and allied graduate students on campus.

Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) is an organization devoted to working on environmental issues deemed critical by its membership. SEAC is also devoted to creating connections between the community and campus regarding environmental issues.

STAND (Student Anti-Genocide Coalition) seeks to create awareness about the atrocities in Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Darfur, Sudan on the UNH campus. For more information, click here or

Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE) seeks to foster equality for everyone across the gender spectrum by spreading awareness about gender and providing resources to all identities.

TransGender UNH (TG-UNH) provide education to the University Community about issues related to transgender/transsexual diversity. We wish to work towards positive social change to help foster a climate where all people, regardless of gender identity/expression, can excel and find happiness and success.

WildActs creates socially conscious theatre, in order to raise awareness of such issues in the UNH community.


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