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The UNH Conduct System is governed by three principles:





Our volunteers help uphold these ideals and maintain an environment that is educational and just.


Volunteering with the Office of Conduct and Mediation is...

... a great way to get involved in the University Community.

... a way to have meaningful contact with students to help them make the most of their UNH experience.

... an opportunity for you to develop skills in areas including weighing evidence, interacting with students and mediating conflict.

... a change of pace to your normal day to day work or studies.

... excellent experience if you're thinking about pursuing a career in student affairs.


Volunteer Position Descriptions

Hearing Officer - A staff or faculty volunteer who adjudicates conduct hearings and imposes sanctions. An opportunity for student contact and a way to directly impact students to help them consider the decisions they are making at UNH. Must have excellent critical thinking skills and the ability to weigh evidence in an objective way. Willingness to impose sanctions that may sometimes be challenging to students, including eviction from university housing. Requires a once a week commitment for hearings at the Office of Conduct and Mediation.

Appellate Officer - A staff or faculty volunteer who reviews written appeal petitions from students who disagree with the outcome of a conduct hearing adjudicated by a hearing officer or hearing board. A more administrative volunteer position, this requires strong written communication and attention to detail. Requires a commitment of a few hours a week to review appeals. Appeals can be reviewed in the Office of Conduct & Mediation or at a volunteer's place of work.

Hearing Board Member - Similar to the role of a Hearing Officer, a three person hearing board consists of two faculty/staff and one student. Hearing boards decide more serious cases that could lead to suspension or dismissal from the university. Hearing Boards only meet a few times a year so it is much less of a time commitment.

Student Advisor - Faculty, staff, or student volunteers who assist students in preparing for conduct hearings. Advisors meet with students prior to a hearing and then accompany their advisee to the hearing itself.

Volunteer opportunities can be tailored to your schedule and needs. We try to be flexible and not overload volunteers. New volunteers receive extensive training and guidance throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about the opportunities available, please complete a volunteer application.


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