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Information for Incoming Exchangers

This information applies to for all NSENHCUC, and UC Santa Cruz exchangers.

If it is time to expand your curriculum, develop more independence, explore new interest, hear different ideas, make new friends, or create new opportunities, then widen your horizons through the National Student Exchange at the University of New Hampshire.

Your acceptance to UNH is hinged on how successful our recruiting is for outgoing students. We will always do our best here at UNH to make sure we can accept as many students as possible. The #1 reason why an NSE applicant is rejected at UNH is because they need courses we cannot access. PLEASE read all the requirements and restrictions in the links below. The more flexible you can be in the courses you select, the easier things will be for both of us. Thanks for considering UNH as your exchange destination.

Please review each of these links below carefully before applying to or accepting a placement at UNH. Thank you!

» Benefits of Exchanging to UNH

» UNH NSE Exchange Requirements & Restrictions

» Detailed Instructions for Exchange Students ACCEPTED to UNH for '14-'15 Exchanges

» Other Useful UNH & Local Links


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