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All courses taken while on exchange are pre-approved prior to leaving UNH. The UNH NSE Course Approval Form denotes how many credits will be accepted and the specific requirement each course satisfies. The following UNH policies apply to all exchange students:

Grades of "C" or better will be accepted in transfer from NSE and NHCUC member exchange institutions.  “C-“ or "D" will not transfer. For a full explanation of all transfer credit policies, please refer to the UNH National & State Exchange Policy Booklet.

Plan on satisfying the University Writing Requirement (UWR) while at UNH.  Given the difficulty of documenting Writing Intensive (WI) methods at other campuses, it is advised that students take WI courses at UNH before or after your exchange, to ensure that you meet graduation requirements.

Student with glacierSome UNH majors require that major courses taken on exchange be only from campuses that have certain accreditations. Please check with your academic advisor or major department for accreditation requirements or recommendations. Here are a few examples:

Registration in EXCH 595.E01 maintains UNH full-time student status for financial aid, registration after exchange, and on-campus housing eligibility upon return.

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